10 Questions with Alouettes Tackle Jeff Perrett

CFLPA: What is it that makes playing offensive line so great?

Jeff: The great thing about playing o-line is it all starts with us. Without an o-line you can’t throw the ball or run the ball. It’s also nice to fly under the radar, and not really be noticed.

CFLPA: Growing up was there a player that you ever modeled your game after?

Jeff: I always wanted to play d line when I was a kid so, my favorite player was Jevon Kearse. I wasn’t a fan of or even wanted to play o-line until my 2nd year of college.

CFLPA: Would you say you enjoy run blocking or pass blocking more?

Jeff: I like to do both of them but for different reasons. Run blocking is great because it’s physical and you can physically dominate the guy across from you. Pass blocking is more finesse but there’s nothing better than shutting down a guy who is a good pass rusher!!

CFLPA: What is the hardest part about being an offensive lineman?

Jeff: The hardest part of being an offensive lineman is trying to explain to people that we aren’t just giant fat guys the run into each other. Offensive line is a very technical position and most people don’t realize or understand what we do.

CFLPA: What kind of bond does playing along side your fellow lineman create?

Jeff: When you have 5 guys that have to be on the same page and rely on each other so much, you can’t help but be close. The guys I have been lucky enough to play with have become more than just teammates, we have become like family. That’s one of the greatest things about football!

CFLPA: Since entering the league, what has been the greatest obstacle you’ve faced so far?

Jeff: The greatest obstacle I have faced so far is overcoming alcoholism. It had nothing to do with football but it is the hardest thing I’ve had to do in my life.

CFLPA: What would you say has been the best thing about playing in Canada?

Jeff: Best thing about playing in Canada is that it’s pretty easy for my family and friends to come out to games and watch me play.

CFLPA: Who was it that pushed you the hardest on the field growing up?

Jeff: My dad has definitely pushed me the hardest. When I was 12 I wanted to quit playing football but he wouldn’t let me and I ended up falling I love with the game. He never let me slack off and taught me the importance of hard work and finishing what you start.

CFLPA: What advice do you have for kids right now, who want to play pro football one day?

Jeff: For kids who want to play pro football one day, I would tell them to not focus on football at a young age. Play every single sport you can and become an overall athlete and then focus on football later. Also, hard work goes along way, there is no substitute for blood sweat and tears!! All the sacrifices are worth it!!

CFLPA: What is your pregame ritual?

Jeff: Pregame ritual is subway for lunch, I get to the stadium at least 4 1/2 hours before the game, get dressed before the locker room gets crowded and play euchre on my phone.

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