10 Questions With Argo Defensive Star Ricky Foley

CFLPA: What do you love most about playing on the defensive side of the football?

Ricky: The thing I love most about playing on the defensive side of the ball is feeling like you can make a big play on every snap…the home crowd noise on 2nd & long being allowed to destroy people without gong to jail.

CFLPA: Growing up was there a player that you tried to model your game after?

Ricky: Growing up it was Lawrence Taylor in the NFL & Carl Kidd in the CFL who I wanted to be like…I didn’t understand the game much but could just see their passion & energy.

CFLPA: On and off the field, growing up who was it that pushed you the most be successful?

Ricky: The person who pushed me the most was myself…and that was a direct result of so many people telling me I couldn’t make it or would never be a pro athlete…that I was wasting my time…hating on me for being a drama-chaser just because they gave up on theirs. God is Great.

CFLPA: Have you ever been able to run with the ball via interception or a fumble?

Ricky: Of course, at York the last game of my career was a must win, so our OC put me in on offence, had like 3 catches for 80-100 yrds. & a diving 40 yard TD in the end zone…(still on my highlight tape) lol. Then in the CFL I caught a 16 yrd. TD from Jarious Jackson in BC playing TE…and I also returned a blocked punt by Tad Crawford for 30-40 yrds. to score as well.

CFLPA: Do you believe that for a defensive unit, player chemistry can be just as important as overall talent?

Ricky: I don’t know about JUST as important…if you’ve got a bunch of scrubs out there chemistry ain’t gonna do jack lol…But in the pros where everybody is good? Hell yeah, chemistry is the difference.

CFLPA: Do you believe in the old saying “defense wins championships”?

Ricky: Yeah I really do…if they can’t score they can’t win. Then take into account 90% of special team players are defensive guys? That’s 2/3’s the game right there.

CFLPA: Do you have any hobbies off the field?

Ricky: Hobbies are classic cars, fitness & home renos.

CFLPA: If you had to pick any other sport to play, what would it be?

Ricky: Baseball…truth be told I probably should have stuck with it but none of my friends played it and all the cool kids & girls were at the basketball court. I hit a 400 ft HR championship game when I was 17. I was way better at baseball than football compared to the other kids around me.

CFLPA: What is your favourite pregame meal?

Ricky: Salmon & pasta or potatoes with 2-4 oz of steak is my pre-game meal the night before meal. Gameday diet is a secret Lol.

CFLPA: What makes your teams fans so great?

Ricky: Our fans are great because our diehards have stuck with this team through all the BS the last few years…Now it’s time to repay them with a new stadium, great pre-game experience & a winning team!

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