10 Questions with Calgary Defensive star Charleston Hughes

CFLPA: What do you love most about playing on the defensive side of the football?

Charleston: What I love most about Defense is I consider defensive players the hammer and offensive players the nail. It takes a special kind of attitude, heart and over all person to be a Defensive player.

CFLPA: Growing up was there a player that you tried to model your game after?

Charleston: Growing up I never played football I was always a basketball fan and admired Shawn kemp and Micheal Jordan.

CFLPA: On and off the field, growing up who was it that pushed you the most be successful?

Charleston: Well the person who pushed me the most is my college coach pat riepma he always pushed me to be bigger than what I thought I could be. And to strive for excellence

CFLPA: Have you ever been able to run with the ball via interception or a fumble?

Charleston: I have 3 career interceptions and one 60 yd Touchdown.

CFLPA: Do you believe that for a defensive unit, player chemistry can be just as important as overall talent?

Charleston: I believe defensive chemistry will always outweigh talent. There are lots of teams that are talented that don’t play well together and are very selfish.

CFLPA: Do you believe in the old saying “defence wins’ championships”?

Charleston: Defensive wins’ championships and offences wins the glory.

CFLPA: Do you have any hobbies off the field?

Charleston: My hobbies off the field are basketball and family.

CFLPA: If you had to pick any other sport to play, what would it be?

Charleston: If I could pick another sport it would be basketball

CFLPA: What is your favourite pregame meal?

Charleston: My fav pregame meal is an enormous breakfast 7 hrs before the game that’s it’s I don’t eat much before games I like playing on an empty stomach.

CFLPA: What makes your teams fans so great?

Charleston: My teams’ fans are great because they have our backs in the good times and bad.

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