10 Questions with Hamilton Tackle Brian Simmons

CFLPA: What is it that makes playing offensive line so great?

Brian: Knowing that you have to play well in order for your team to succeed is the greatest thing for a lineman.  It starts with us.

CFLPA: Growing up was there a player that you ever modeled your game after?

Brian: Growing up I was a huge Julius peppers fan. I use to play defensive lineman before I converted in college. I wasn’t as talented as him but that’s who I looked up too.

CFLPA: Would you say you enjoy run blocking or pass blocking more?

Brian: I enjoy both a great deal. In the cfl you have to enjoy pass blocking. It really is a passing league.

CFLPA: What is the hardest part about being an offensive lineman?

Brian: The hardest thing is all of it. It’s not easy moving backwards trying to match up with some of the most athletic guys on the field. Offensive lineman usually only get noticed when they make mistakes as well.

CFLPA: What kind of bond does playing along side your fellow lineman create?

Brian: A bond that probably is the closest you can get in football.  The line is one cohesive unit.

CFLPA: Since entering the league, what has been the greatest obstacle you’ve faced so far?

Brian: For me getting traded was my greatest obstacle. Being in a new place after being at one place so long

CFLPA: What would you say has been the best thing about playing in Canada?

Brian: I like the pace of the game. Exciting and never really over until it’s actually over.

CFLPA: Who was it that pushed you the hardest on the field growing up?

Brian: Coach mercer. He was a high school coach. He really just set a foundation for me to be able to handle all the things that come with this game.

CFLPA: What advice do you have for kids right now, who want to play pro football one day?

Brian: I would tell them to act like a pro when you’re on high school. That’s what I did. I would also tell them it’s a lot of hard work.

CFLPA: What is your pregame ritual?

Brian: I don’t have one. I just show up and play.

CFLPA: Brian, we at the CFLPA would like to wish you and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats the best of luck for the reminder of the 2016 season. Thank you for your time.

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