#1PlayAway Campaign

The CFL Players’ Association is proud to announce the launch of a new campaign during Canadian Football Week. Called #1PlayAway, the new campaign aims to draw awareness to the current lack of health and safety coverage afforded to professional football players and fellow athletes.

Because players are not covered under the workplace compensation system provided in all other Canadian workplaces, they must resort to their collective agreement for health coverage, but the coverage provided is nowhere near adequate.

Currently, CFL players are only provided up to 12 months of coverage after the date of an injury, leaving them with no long-term assistance for more serious injuries or chronic conditions acquired as a result of their job.

CFL players deserve rehabilitation; they deserve to be made whole. Like every other employee in Canada, CFL players deserve proper health coverage for work-related injuries.

Help bring essential health and safety coverage to our players so they can be contributing members of society once their football careers are over.
Share #1PlayAway, and follow the campaign online at CFLPA.com.

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