By Staff Writer – Jason Langvee

To conclude this week’s edition of 2015 off-season updates, we had the chance to catch up with Ottawa REDBLACKS’ very own wide receiver: Matt Carter. Take a quick look at what he’s been doing since the end of the CFL season:


CFLPA: Hey Matt, thanks for giving us the opportunity to ask a few questions. In a few words, what has kept you busy since the end of the 2014 season?

Matt Carter: “I made the move back to St. Albert just north of Edmonton after the football season ended.  I took some time to relax and reflect on the season.  I spent the Christmas holidays between St. Albert and Kelowna, BC.”

PA: What goals have you set for the 2015 off-season?

MC: “There are some areas of my game in which I am specifically focusing on.  But the main goal is to continually improve and peak both physically and mentally when training camp arrives.”

PA: What kinds of things does a professional football player need to think about when preparing an off-season plan?

MC: “I believe it’s important to self-scout your game and be honest with yourself.  There are always aspects that can be improved. It’s also important to listen to your body and take care of all aspects.  Rest, diet, rehab, mobility, etc.

PA: Are there any unconventional aspects of your off-season training regimen? What would fans be surprised to know you include in your program?

MC: “I do a lot of mobility work before all my weight lifting and on field sessions.  The majority of my focus is spent on the field and in the weight room.  I have been doing yoga the last number of years.  This off-season I began taking private boxing lessons. Boxing is one the greatest workouts out there.  I have been loving it.”

PA: Did you set aside any time for vacation this off-season? If not, what will you do to relax before the start of the season?

MC: “I am off to Maui at the end of March with my girlfriend’s side of the family.  Looking forward to a week on the beach and in the sun.  I will be heading back to Kelowna early in May to help in a football camp, and visit my parents.  My golf clubs will also be making the trip.”  

PA: Outside of football, what does 2015 hold for you?

MC: “I have been extremely active in the greater Edmonton area speaking in front of both schools and businesses.  I believe that it’s important to work with youth and set aside some time to hopefully inspire others.  I am looking forward to getting back to Ottawa and helping the organization get on the right track for the 2015 season.”   


We really appreciate Matt taking some time off from his training and traveling to give us an inside look at what’s keeping him busy! Best of luck in the remainder of your off-season Matt!

Be sure to check back to see what others are up to heading into the 2015 season of Canadian Football!

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