9 Questions with Saskatchewan Return man Kendial Lawrence

CFLPA: How old were you when you first started playing football? Did you always know you wanted to play pro?

Kendial: I was 5 years old when I first started playing football. Flag football. I immediately wanted to be a pro after I started football. It was my favorite thing to do.

CFLPA: What’s it like to break a kick/punt free and take it back for a touchdown?

Kendial: (It’s so LITTTT) it’s one of the most amazing feeling in the world to return a kick/punt return. Stadium is usually littttt after a return.

CFLPA: Growing up, was there a kick returner you loved watching? Is he who you modeled your game after

Kendial: Deon sanders and Donte hall. Growing up I always did the neon from dance and wanted to make guys miss like Donte hall did.

CFLPA: When returning the ball, can it be intimidating knowing there are 12 men on the other team trying to bring you to the turf?

Kendial: It can be intimidating at times. But I know the scheme and can normally see every man in front of me. Which create a bit of advantage for me to set guys up help my blockers. And bust one!!

CFLPA: If you had to pick another sport to play besides football, what would it be?

Kendial: I’d probably be a basketball point guard. Specially with the contracts guys are getting today lol.

CFLPA: What advice would you give to kids who dream of one day playing pro football?

Kendial: The advice I would give everyone is: believe in yourself. Don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t. Prove them wrong

CFLPA: What advice wish you could’ve gotten as a rookie coming into this league?

Kendial: The field is really big and it’s really cold. Other than that you are blessed to be able to perform in this league

CFLPA: Who was it that pushed you the hardest growing up?

Kendial: My two older brothers. Kendrick and Kenneth Lawrence. They always saw my potential and didn’t let me slack up!

CFLPA: If there was one player from the leagues past, who you could play beside, who would that player be?

Kendial: The player I would be is the exmontoms Eskimo returner Gizmo. He was, and still is a beast.

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