Continuing Education



Established in 2016, the CFLPA Academy is a resource provided to ALL ACTIVE CFLPA members aimed at assisting in career development outside of professional football. With more than 200 members having registered with the Academy (historically), OVER 25% of the players in the CFL are now actively preparing for their careers after football.

We host monthly webinars along with ongoing coaching, resume support, interview preparation and even internships, and job placements! Please email [email protected] today to learn more!


Athabasca University provides learning for life. Through the achievements of its students, faculty and staff, AU stands out as a provider of high quality post-secondary education.  The partnership with the CFLPA allows active members to enjoy a limited number of free courses along with the opportunity for preferred rates. CFLPA members have started, continued and completed a number of both undergraduate and master degrees over the course of the partnership.

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Oregon State Ecampus is one of the top providers of online post-secondary education in the United States. By providing access to exceptional learning experiences from anywhere, Oregon State profoundly impacts the lives of students around the globe. Through this new collaboration with the CFLPA, active members will receive tuition support along with the opportunity for a one class tuition waiver when selecting from OSU’s extensive list of online programs delivered by Ecampus.

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The CFLPA Academy and Ontario Tech University have established a new partnership aimed at helping address the diverse needs of the CFLPA membership as they transition to the life after Football.

This exciting new partnership will leverage Ontario Tech University’s expansive listing of degree programs, graduate diplomas and certificates to help provide CFLPA members with the knowledge and skill sets to enter new workforces. Specifically, it will allow CFLPA Academy members to pursue post-secondary education in new fields of interest—with a focus on technology and education skills that are in demand in today’s market.

In collaboration with the Canadian Football League Players’ Association Academy, Royal Roads University will offer Sport Leadership, a custom course aimed at building a bridge between football and the future for CFL players, through offering a vital suite of leadership skills.


Scott Armstrong and Jason Langvee are joined by Michele Elllingsen Ailsby from Saskatchewan Polytechnic to discuss an amazing expansion the the CFLPA Academy!

As part of a larger CFLPA Academy initiative, the CFL Players’ Association has now formed a partnership with Training Division Fire Academy to let members take certification courses (including level one and level two firefighter training) with a tuition reducing scholarship offered to each active member.


The CFLPA Academy and Spectrum Airways Flight Training & Career College have established a partnership geared to combine our collective expertise as we continue to deliver flexible and quality education to any CFL players interested in pursuing careers in aviation.

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Enriched Academy is a financial education and awareness company that will provide important assistance to CFL players in managing their finances while  offering career guidance.