Award-winning EdTech company Vretta Inc. latest to partner with CFLPA Academy


April 15, 2021

Award-winning EdTech company Vretta Inc. latest to partner with CFLPA Academy

Mississauga, ON – The Canadian Football League Players’ Association (CFLPA) today announced its latest partnership with the multi-award winning EdTech company Vretta.

Vretta is a global leader in the online learning and assessment space, delivering interactive courses through ministries of education, academic institutions, and corporations around the world. Over the past decade, Vretta’s programs have received international recognition for strengthening critical life skills for their users through the creative use of media-rich, interactive simulations, leading to the success in the professional and personal lives of their users.

Through this partnership, all CFLPA members and their families will have access to Vretta’s platform, which offers diagnostic and assessment support in strengthening numeracy proficiency and encourages the practical use of these critical life skills for future personal and career success.

“CFLPA members continue to enhance their skills and education while playing professional football. We are excited to welcome Vretta to the rapidly growing roster of partners available as part of the Academy. Their success-focused online platform will enhance the resources our members have access to as they prepare for a variety of future career paths,” said Solomon Elimimian, President of the CFLPA.

Access to Vretta’s platform will be offered as part of the growing CFLPA Academy. Since 2016, the CFLPA Academy has seen over 1,000 members and their spouses register for programs, resources, and enhancements in the three pillars of education, careers, and health & wellness.

“We are absolutely elated with the announcement of the partnership between Vretta and the CFLPA, and excited about what’s to come. As football players and professional athletes, we understand the hard work, determination, dedication and commitment that goes into their craft. So, it is critical to make the off-the-field aspect as engaging as possible for these great athletes, by ensuring that they have the necessary level of numeracy under their belt, and are prepared for life outside of football, no matter what career path they choose to go down,” said Anand Karat, President of Vretta.

Every current CFLPA member has access to The Academy and can access a growing roster of accredited educational institutions in the U.S. and Canada, enroll in specialized certification and certificate programs that are gateways to future career paths, or take advantage of online learning opportunities that can help provide new advantages for them and their families.

About Vretta

Since 2010, Vretta has been dedicated to creating high quality assessment and learning solutions, with a focus on success of their users through their academic education and in the workplace. Elevate My Math is a research-backed, media-rich platform, that is designed to reduce math-anxiety and increase the level of confidence by connecting abstract math concepts to their practical applications. We are driven by our mission of making assessment and learning experiences truly engaging and impactful for all users.

About the CFLPA

The Canadian Football League Players’ Association (CFLPA) is the union for professional football players in the Canadian Football League (CFL). Since 1965, the Association has worked to establish fair and reasonable working conditions while protecting the rights of all CFL players. In addition to negotiating and enforcing the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), the CFLPA provides a variety of member services, builds corporate and community partnerships and works diligently for the betterment of its membership. Find us online at

For more information:  Jason Langvee, CFLPA Office, [email protected], 1-800-616-6865



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