C.F.L.P.A. Statement on Sideline Incident


Stoney Creek, ON: The CFL Players’ Association is disappointed in the disciplinary action the CFL and the Commissioner have imposed upon Kent Austin with respect to an incident involving one of our Players.

Actions like these need to be addressed and deterred from happening in the future as they bring both the Players and the CFL into disrepute.  It is unacceptable for a Head Coach and General Manager to go out of his way to have intentional unwarranted physical contact with a Player.

From our perspective, the Player would be facing a suspension should the roles have been reversed.  In the absence of a suspension, the Player would be subject to a possible fine equal to one half of their weekly game salary.

It is our opinion that the disciplinary action taken by the Commissioner is not consistent with the disciplinary action imposed upon our Players in the past.

The CFL Players’ Association feels very strongly about this issue and want to covey both our disappointment in the imposed sanction and our continued support of all our Players.

Scott Flory
President CFLPA

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