CFL Match Ups – BC @ Edmonton

By Staff Writer – Jason Langvee

Week 19 - EDM-BC

The Game

BC Lions @ Edmonton Eskimos

Saturday, November 1st – 7PM EST

The History

BC: 9-7, 2-game winning streak, 361 points for, 295 points against

Edmonton: 11-5, 2-game winning streak, 438 points for, 313 points against

Previous results: Week 1 – Edmonton won 27-20

The Match-Up

After last week’s full team win, the BC Lions are looking to test their might against a team that has remained atop the standings almost as convincingly as Calgary has. BC’s offence will have their hands full as they try to break through the Edmonton defensive line. Kevin Glenn will likely get the start, but after last week’s 4th quarter, don’t be surprised if we see John Beck get some reps too. Either Ernest Jackson will be the primary receiver on as many routes as they can scheme as he has turned into the squad’s most consistent receiver in the latter portion of the season. The Lions’ defence has allowed the least amount of points all season, and against Edmonton they stack quite well. Ryan Phillips will lead his DB’s as they need to blanket last year’s leading receiver: Fred Stamps, and this year’s leader: Adarius Bowman.

The Eskimos have not guaranteed a home playoff game yet, so their push to the post-season remains in full effect. Against the Lions defence, Mike Reilly needs to be on point. The Lions are arguably the toughest squad to exploit with veterans strung about just about every portion of the field. John White has had some success this season, but has been relatively quiet as of late. Edmonton will need to establish a solid 1st down running game to ensure that Reilly’s big target: Adarius Bowman, gets his opportunities to get touches. Defenders will need to keep pressure up front, but focus on the quick release of Kevin Glenn. The moment a receiver is at his depth, the ball will not be far behind, and thus Edmonton’s linebackers and DB’s will need to play very tight coverage this week.

The Implications

With Saskatchewan trending down, and BC trending up, the Lions have a chance to remain in the West for the post-season. Not only that, but with 2 games left to play, they still have a shot at a home play-off game. Edmonton values their home-field advantage. This season they have gone 6-2 at home thanks in large part to the Eskimos fan base. With a win against BC, Edmonton secures said home-field game.

The Prediction

BC’s defence shuts down Edmonton’s game and the Lions win 17-10.



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