CFL Match Ups – Ottawa @ BC

By Staff Writer – Jason Langvee

Week 16 - OTT-BC

The Game

Ottawa REDBLACKS @ BC Lions

Saturday October 11th – 10PM EST

The History

Ottawa: 2-11, 1-game winning streak, 222 points for, 328 points against

BC: 7-7, 3-game losing streak, 292 points for, 269 points against

Previous results: Week 11 BC beat Ottawa 7-5.

The Match-Up

Heading to Vancouver, the REDBLACKS must be the most confident they’ve been this season. Coming off a decisive victory against Winnipeg, Ottawa will look to use the current momentum to take down another western team in a skid. The REDBLACKS defensive secondary needs to have a repeat-performance against the Lions this week, as Kevin Glenn is missing Andrew Harris in the backfield. Targets like Emmanuel Arceneaux, Shawn Gore, and Courtney Taylor will need to be watched intently as the Lions will be relying on big production from them. Veteran-back Jovon Johnson along with Jerrell Gavins and Brandyn Thompson will be busy in BC. On offence, Jonathan Williams will be a marked-man after last week’s 180-yard rushing performance, so the Ottawa receiving corps needs to be ready for Henry Burris’s strong arm.

The BC defence, although dominant in the early stages of 2014, have been taken advantage of lately. With a huge rushing performance from Ottawa last week, the Lions need to increase pocket pressure and force Burris to throw the ball. With veteran linebackers and defensive-backs, the Lions shouldn’t have a problem stifling the REDBLACKS receivers. To get back to a winning-season, Kevin Glenn will need to have an especially precise night through the air. If he is able to get the ball to his deep stable of receivers, the Lions should find a fair deal of success against the young Ottawa defence. It is expected that Stefan Logan will play on Saturday, which will re-introduce a layer of complexity to the Lions’ offence that may prove troublesome for Ottawa.

The Implications

Right now, the Lions find themselves at a crucial moment in the season. Sitting at .500 they also find themselves in 4th place among western teams. Although the 3rd-place Roughriders have 2 more wins in their books, they too find themselves on a losing-slide. If the Lions take the opportunity this weekend to put away the REDBLACKS, they put themselves in a competitive position to catch Saskatchewan, who are still sputtering without Durant at QB. The REDBLACKS need to win to establish a culture in Ottawa. Although their chances look slim for a run to the post-season, winning is an attitude, and if they start now, 2015 could well be their year.

The Prediction

BC stifles Ottawa’s offence and outscored the visitors 24-10.

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