CFL Match Ups – Toronto @ Montreal

By Staff Writer – Jason Langvee

Week 19 - TOR-MTL

The Game

Montreal Alouettes @ Toronto Argonauts

Sunday, November 2nd – 12PM EST

The History

Montreal: 8-8, 5-game winning streak, 328 points for, 351 points against

Toronto: 7-9, 1-game winning streak, 413 points for, 434 points against

Previous results: Week 17 – Montreal won 20-12, Week 6 – Toronto won 31-5

The Match-Up

The Alouettes are winning. The victories may not be perfect, but the trajectory has been up and the good times have been rolling. Now Montreal needs their best offensive game of the season. The best way to combat Ricky Ray’s offence, is by limiting his playing time. Montreal will establish a run game, and will rely on short-yardage plays for the bulk of this game, if for nothing else than to control field position and the clock. With regards to Montreal’s defence against Toronto, I will say the same thing that was posted in the week 17 match-up. Montreal may need to be willing to give up short-yardage passes, as Ricky Ray will never hesitate to thread a long-ball down the field and exploit a blown assignment. They need to keep pocket pressure high without blitzing the invaluable pass protection from linebackers.

With a win against Hamilton last week, Toronto looks to be like a strong finisher yet again this season. Not all of Ray’s star receivers are slated to play this week, but the players coming off the bench have begun to synchronize quite nicely. Chad Owens is due for a big special teams performance, so look for a fair deal of punt return yards this week in Montreal. The Alouettes have struggled at times to keep their offence on the field. Toronto needs to exploit every opportunity they get by way of turnover, sack, or tackle for loss. Swayze Waters will be instrumental in the Argo’s success as his punting accuracy inside the 20-yard line has been untouched by most punters this season. This is a must-win for Toronto, so the players need to play with passion, but reel in the excitement so not to be caught with flags being thrown.

The Implications

Should Montreal win this match-up, they stamp their own ticket to the post-season. Toronto needs this victory to remain competitive against Hamilton, whom they are currently tied with. Should the game in Ottawa go as expected, Toronto will reassure themselves with a win against Montreal.

The Prediction

Montreal finds themselves in the toughest pick of the week again. This time though, Toronto takes the game 25-22.



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