CFLPA Featured Player – Week 2

by Staff Writer – Jason Langvee

On a weekly basis, we break down; the stats, the plays, and the intangibles of our players to determine the best selection for the CFLPA Featured Player of the week. Based on performance both on, and off the field, we select one player who stood out for the previous week. Here’s who gets the nod for week 2:

With several performances of note coming from players across the league in week 2 of 2014, it was not easy to pick our featured player. John Bowman in Montreal nearly tied a franchise-record for sacks, as he amassed 4 against the BC lions on Friday night. Then there was Nic Grigsby of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, who found himself 3 touchdowns in only his second game in the CFL. Patrick Watkins also stole the show in Edmonton, as he stole a ball right from Hamilton to put up 6-points on defense. Most notably though, and the man that could not be overlooked for the CFLPA Featured Player of week 2, was #2 in Double Blue. Chad Owens put on an offensive, and special teams clinic, as the Argonauts hosted the Roughriders on Saturday.

Hopefully #2 for Toronto was on your fantasy roster for this week, as he ran away from the competition (literally and figuratively) in most statistical categories. Looking solely at the numbers, Chad was able to turn 11 receptions into 159 yards of offense. Averaging 1.5 first downs per touch is an achievement in itself, but when a player does that 11 times throughout the course of a game, there are very few defenses that could stop points from going up on the board. Indeed, Chad also found himself a TD early in the second quarter of the contest. Dating back to his rookie year in the CFL, Owens has been praised for his ability to return punts. His quick lateral movements, as well as his ability to make defenders miss have earned a spot among the CFL-elite. Again on Saturday afternoon, Chad had a great special teams performance as he returned 6 punts for a total of 89 yards. His best return came back a full 45 yards to place the high-powered, Ricky Ray-driven offense on Saskatchewan’s 49-yard line. A mere 6 plays later (including another 7-yard reception by Owens), and the Boatmen were up by another touchdown. With any stellar individual performance, typically you will also see a great overall team performance, which was very much the case for Toronto. Ricky Ray threw for over 400 yards, and the Toronto offensive line seemed to have full-control of the trenches as they allotted ample time for Ray to distribute the ball to any of the 9 players that earned positive yards for the Argos.

There is a reason that Chad Owens is known as a force to be reckoned with; he manufactures opportunity. With the slightest head-fake, he can part an opposing team’s defense. For all of the aforementioned reasons and more, Chad has been selected as the CFLPA Featured Player for week 2. Congratulations, and keep up the great work!

Make sure to check back to see who earns the selection for week 3’s CFLPA Featured Player!

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