CFLPA Featured Player – Week 4

by Staff Writer – Jason Langvee

On a weekly basis, we break down; the stats, the plays, and the intangibles of our players to determine the best selection for the CFLPA Featured Player of the week. Based on performance both on, and off the field, we select one player who stood out for the previous week. Here’s who gets the nod for week 4:

Week 4 boasted some big games in the CFL. Winnipeg and Edmonton started the action on Thursday as both teams vied for league supremacy and an untarnished record. Edmonton showed up and appeared to dominate both sides of the game as standouts; defensive end Odell Willis, and quarterback Mike Reilly took control of their respective phases of the game. Willis found himself an early pick-6, and Reilly managed to outwork a solid Winnipeg defense through the air and on his feet (192 passing yards, and 96 rushing yards). On Friday night, football returned to Ottawa as the REDBLACKS hosted Toronto in a tightly-decided game. The deciding factor in the nation’s capital appeared to be rookie kicker: Brett Maher. Maher managed to kick all 6 of his field goal attempts through the uprights from as far as 48 yards, and even managed some trickery as he rushed a punt fake for 15 yards. The true highlights this week though, came from the lone Saturday game in BC. The Lions had something to prove as they took the field. Evidently they were hungry, as Kevin Glenn managed to throw for yet another 301 yards in his career. In fact, with his first pass of the game, Glenn reached a new career milestone as he has now thrown for more than 40,000 yards in the CFL. Benefitting from this offensive excellence, Andrew Harris had yet another career performance as he split his 150 yards of offense evenly on the ground and in the air. With the 2 aforementioned Lions’ performances on paper, it is a shock that neither is the CFLPA Featured Player of the week, however there was one performance that could not be overlooked. Emmanuel Arceneaux entered 2014 with a bang on Saturday night. Despite spending the first 3 weeks on the injured-reserve, Manny was in fine form for week 4 of the CFL.

In almost any given week of the CFL, you will find receivers excelling for a variety of reasons. Some players benefit from excellent play calls, some from clutch-throws from their quarterbacks, and even sometimes, they benefit from a little luck. Emmanuel Arceneaux may have had all 3 of these forces working for him against the Alouettes, and yet, he still managed to take the game into his own hands. As single coverage became double, and at points even turned into a 3-man watch on the big wide receiver, Manny honed in on the game and rose to the challenge. The catches he was making were not wide-open, blown defensive assignments. Arceneaux was fighting for every one of his balls, and winning. Despite being watched by some of the best defensive backs in the league, number 84 for the Lions was not to be denied at BC place. By game’s end, he had gone up for 8 catches which cumulatively yielded the Lions 145 yards of offense, not to mention the 3 touchdowns that Arceneaux put on the board. For these reason, the only choice for the CFLPA’s Featured Player of the week is Emmanuel Arceneaux.

With a slow start to 2014, the Lions needed to get on track both physically and mentally. It was apparent that with the infusion of a potent offensive threat in Manny, the Lions have become the squad they knew themselves to be in training camp. It is no surprise that a championship at home is the goal for the Lions, and with offensive performances like that of Kevin Glenn, Andrew Harris, and of course Emmanuel Arceneaux on Saturday night, there should be no doubt that a Grey Cup just may be in their reach.

Make sure to check back to see who earns the selection for week 4’s CFLPA Featured Player!

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