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Note from the Executive Director:

As health authorities across Canada take tentative steps to begin easing lock-down restrictions in response to COVID-19, our Association has continued to press governments (both federal and provincial) and League representatives on plans for a 2020 season.  The road ahead is far from straight at this point, but we are moving in the right direction.

We are working hard to get the League to recognize the players needs and perspectives in planning for what a 2020 may look like if a shortened season is possible.  One of our strengths in this process is the commitment shown by your Association Executive and our Player Representatives to ensure that practical, workable solutions, that reflect the immediate needs of players, are front and center as plans for the 2020 season are developed.

We have recognized from the outset that the pandemic and the response of health authorities and governments across Canada are affecting all of us in different ways.  Whether it’s the issues associated with player travel – both domestic and international – or the financial stresses that some members face because of suspended training camps and an uncertain start to the 2020 season. Our Association is working to provide support for players through all of this.  In some cases, it’s connecting players to the various income support programs that federal governments have put in place.  In others, it’s ensuring that existing contractual agreements with the League are maintained.

We know football is a team sport.  We also know that sticking together is critical to building a strong team.  Your Association is no different in that regard.  When we stick together, when we use our collective strength in ways that are smart, responsible, and effective, when we do all those things, we get the best results.  That’s our commitment to you and how we are working to take on the problems we face.  Thanks for your continued support through it all.

Brian Ramsay | CFLPA Executive Director

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Update to Travel Coverage with SSQ Insurance – April 17, 2020

SSQ continues to release information daily on how they are handling the current situation caused by Coronavirus. While there should still be no non-essential travel as per travel advisories issued by national governments, SSQ has now declared that COVID-19 is not considered a sudden and unexpected illness.

  • As a result, for insureds covered by a contract that does not specifically include an exclusion in the event of an epidemic, even though the Canadian government has issued a non-travel advisory, please be advised that if you wish to travel despite this decision, your travel insurance coverage will not cover any costs associated with COVID-19 since it is now considered a foreseeable and expected illness.

SSQ continues to update their FAQ section on their website. Please ensure to consult this FAQ page prior to scheduling any further travel to ensure SSQ has lifted their coverage restrictions:

Please continue to check daily for updates regarding this situation as it continues to evolve rapidly.

If you have questions, please contact either the CFLPA at [email protected] , HUB International (formerly Morneau Shepell) at [email protected] (403-827-1200), or your dedicated Player Rep.


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