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Updated 7.31.20

CFLPA Medical Information

CFLPA Major Medical Plan

The CFLPA Major Medical Plan is starting a new benefits year.

When does this take effect?
The new benefit plan year usually starts when the CFL season starts. This year that was scheduled to happen on June 11th, 2020. It has been decided to restart the benefits plan as scheduled on that date.

What does this mean for my coverage?
Provided that you are eligible, your coverage is resetting as it does in any other year. This means that all individual benefit maximums will reset. It also means that you will need to satisfy any deductibles that are required as part of coverage.

Submitting claims incurred after June 11th
Any claims submitted on or after June 11th will not be processed or reimbursement until the week of July 6thThis is the normal system procedure with the roll-over of a new benefit plan year.
Claims submission processes are not changing.

What do I do if I have an emergency claim between June 11th and the week of July 6th?
Please reach out to MSH International Ltd. as per the contact information on your wallet card. They will be able to guide you through the process. Please note that coverage is in force during this period and access to medical care is not restricted.

Submitting claims incurred before June 11th
Any claims you incurred on or before June 10th, 2020 MUST be submitted to MSH by
December 31, 2020. After this they will no longer be eligible. This process remains unchanged from prior years.

Who can I contact with questions?
If you have any questions, please contact:

  • MSH International Ltd.
Customer Service: 1-888-767-5929 or [email protected]
  • HUB International Ltd.

Stephanie Airth: 403 218 7306 or [email protected]

For details regarding your coverage, please refer to the benefit plan booklet available from the CFLPA.


COVID-19: What you need to know

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Reviewing beneficiaries is a key for financial planning

You work hard for what you have. Having the correct beneficiary in place ensures your money goes where you want it to go when you die. It’s a good idea to review your beneficiary regularly to ensure it continues to reflect your wishes, especially as you approach life events such as marriage or childbirth.

Designating a beneficiary will allow your assets to bypass probate, which can be a time‑consuming and expensive legal process.

If you have a Registered Pension Plan (RPP), legislation requires that your spouse or common law spouse receive some or all the benefits following your death, unless they have signed a waiver.

What you need to do? 

To review your beneficiary, sign in to your member account. Go to My Profile > View my member information. You can also find it or on your account statement.To update your beneficiary, go to > Forms Beneficiary Form, complete the form and return it to Manulife at the address shown on the form.


Updated 6.29.20

Join the CFLPA Academy as we take you through our ground-breaking new Employee Assistance program “Lifeworks”. Samantha Powell from Morneau Shepell was gracious enough give us a full look under the hood. If you want access, please contact [email protected] today!

Updated 8.18.20



No one could have predicted the generationally unprecedented havoc that has ripped through our member’s family and professional lives over the past five months. We have all looked for extra strength and assistance to help us to cope through these challenging times.

Joining us on this webcast will be mental wellness expert, Lidia Pawlikowski from HUB International, the CFLPA’s mental wellness partner. Also joining us on the webcast will be Ryan King, one of your CFLPA Executive to help ensure the issues you are currently facing are openly discussed.

Updated 8.07.20

Check out the Academy on YouTube!

Updated 7.31.20

Join four former and current CFLPA members for a discussion on what transitioning to life beyond the field is like and was like for them. Joining us in this conversation is:
  • Moton Hopkins – An 8-year defensive tackle, and former CFLPA Player Representative who now is an HR specialist with Lockheed Martin.
  • Chris Best – An 11-year guard and former CFLPA Player Representative who is now working as an engineer.
  • Jamar Wall – An active 8-year defensive back, CFLPA Player Representative and member of your CFLPA negotiating committee.
  • David Mackie – An active 2-year full back and CFLPA Player Representative.

Updated 7.10.20

New CFLPA Academy Health & Wellness Partnership with Bodylogix!

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Updated 5.27.20