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Updated 5.11.20

Keeping More of Your Money in Your Pocket


This Thursday at 1 pm EST we are very pleased to have our Academy partner The Enriched Academy join us for a frank and thorough presentation on how to get your finances in game shape. From cashflow to budgets and managing debt, the experts from the Enriched Academy will be taking your questions and offering strategies to lighten your financial load. With over 100,000 clients already through their programs, these guys know what they are talking about.

Joining us in the discussion will be your CFLPA president, Solomon Elimimian, who has participated in some of the Enriched Academy programming. He will offer insights that you can benefit from.

To join us for this live webcast, use the link below:

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As always, the Academy team is here to help you plan for your next move.

From the Academy team, we wish you and your family well.

Jason and Scott


Moton Hopkins:


Chris Randle:

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Updated 4.22.20

Your Free Ticket Awaits!

Hey Guys,

Through our partnership with The Enriched Academy we’re providing you with complimentary access to a powerful ‘Wealth Mastery’ event available from the comfort of your home, Thurs Apr 2nd, 9AM-5PM ET.

Financial training is particularly timely due to the current and unprecedented financial climate we find ourselves in. Tickets to this event are usually $597 but are included to you for being a CFLPA member.

Click here to register.

We hope you take them up on this rare opportunity to enhance your financial future.  We’ve had dozens of CFLPA members attend and the feedback is fantastic!

**Note: Enriched Academy has extended this invitation
to both you and your partner!**

Topics Covered:

  1. Money Myths: How to overcome the psychological barriers that prevent financial abundance.
  2. Eliminating Debt: Gain a complete understanding of credit including credit cards, mortgages, lines of credit and how to use debt to your advantage. For those in debt, we’ll help you create a plan to get out of it.
  3. Your Magic Numbers: Look at the key personal financial metrics that will give you control and change your financial future.
  4. Investing in The Stock Market: Learn a powerful system to generate better returns while lowering fees and protecting against market downturns. We’ll address what is NOW and what you can do about it. You’ll also learn about the emergence of Robo Advisors and how to use them to your advantage.
  5. Understanding the Financial Industry, Fund Performance & Fees: Please have your investment statements ready. We will dissect the fees you’re paying as well as the quality of your current investments. You will also learn how to find the right Financial Advisor.
  6. How to Turbocharge Registered Accounts: Many Canadians do not understand the true power of these investing vehicles (RRSP, TFSA, RESP, RDSP). You will walk away with knowing how to put them to work for you.
  7. Investing in Income Producing Properties: Learn a 5-step investment property evaluation process and the best practices behind managing investment properties successfully
  8. How to Create a Financial Freedom Game Plan: Learn how to reach Financial Freedom in a realistic way and with greater certainty.
  9. How to Lower and Minimize the Taxes You Pay: Learn how to minimize your taxes and put thousands of dollars back into your pocket.
  10. Teaching Children About Money: How to leave a legacy for your kids/grandkids and best practices for teaching them financial literacy.

Your Attendance Includes:

  • 200 Page Digital Workbook: Before the online event, we’ll be sending you a robust and easy to follow digital workbook. Retain and re-visit critical information from the event days, weeks and months later.
  • Net Worth Tracking Tool: The most important number for your financial future. This tool will help you monitor, grow and track your Net Worth in under 5-minutes per month.
  • Debt Elimination and Cash Flow Management Tool: This tool will help you create a plan to get out of debt and increase your ability to save, pay off debt and invest.
  • Access to Our Online Community: By attending this event you’ll be setup to receive ongoing education through our online Master Classes and educational resources.
  • Free Coaching Call: A one-on-one free implementation call with our team is included with your event attendance.


“It was like an online mentor for me! The information gave me a few tools to use, plus knowledge about real estate, savings, debt, etc. Enriched Academy helped me form the right questions to bring to my financial planner. I want to know about everything my money is doing and what I’m a part of. The energy and attention that I try to give in football-Enriched Academy applies that to life’s everyday finances! Just like me, they’re always staying ahead of the game and planning for the future!”

  • Emmanuel Arceneaux, BC Lions #84, December 5th, 2018

“We are excited about the program with our members – the more feedback we receive from our players the more we hear about their positive experiences. Our members not only benefit from this service, they also strengthen their financial literacy in the process — something that has long-term and lasting benefits.”

  • Brian Ramsay, Executive Director, CFL Players Association

About Enriched Academy: Over the past 17-years, Enriched Academy has been on a relentless mission to make financial freedom accessible to everyone. We’ve conducted thousands of events for Students, Entrepreneurs and Professional Athletes teaching financial mastery in a transparent and entertaining manner.

Updated 3.27.20

Tips You Can Use Now To Keep Your Cash Flow Healthy

Firstly, I hope you and your family are healthy and taking the necessary and consistent actions to keep it that way. The past week has revealed something none of us has every had to deal with before, and no one knows for sure how long it will force us to change the way we live.

The good news is that we will get through this together. To help keep you and your family strong we wanted to share some financial tips to help you to avoid accumulating unnecessary debt, and keep your financial picture as healthy as possible over the upcoming months. Here are our top four:

  1. Delay or cancel any major purchases possible that would cause you to assume credit card debt. At an interest rate of 20% or more this is a major leech on many people’s cash flow.
  2. With all the extra home time over the upcoming weeks, many people will seek online retail therapy. Don’t be one of them. When the kids seem board, or you start thinking about home renovations and online shopping is calling to you, stop and take a look at your current financial situation. If there was little or no income for 3-6 months would the purchase still make sense?
  3. Go through the monthly subscriptions that we all seem to accumulate for software, magazines, etc and cancel the any you don’t absolutely need.
  4. If you really need to buy something, start paying with debit or cash. If the purchase doesn’t quite feel right doing this, then rethink the purchase. Credit cards give us a costly delay in having to pay for things. In October of this year, we don’t want you to look back at March and April purchases and have you wonder, “What was I thinking?” or “I wish I hadn’t bought that”.

Personally, I get what some of you are about to go through. My speaking business has been shut down completely for at least three months, if not longer, as all conferences have been cancelled or delayed. Smart financial decisions now will pay huge dividends later this year and beyond.

If you want further expertise on financially management try some of the courses with our Academy partner, The Enriched Academy. Contact us if you want an access code to begin your study.

We are still here to help you plan your future careers. If you want to be one of the many who are taking this time to build your post-football career runway then reach out to us.

From our entire team at the Academy, keep you and our family healthy. You are used to a disciplined approach to fitness to be a professional athlete. Now take that same skill and apply it to your family’s well-being.

Jason, Scott and the CFLPA Academy Team

Updated 3.24.20

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