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Reviewing beneficiaries is a key for financial planning

You work hard for what you have. Having the correct beneficiary in place ensures your money goes where you want it to go when you die. It’s a good idea to review your beneficiary regularly to ensure it continues to reflect your wishes, especially as you approach life events such as marriage or childbirth.

Designating a beneficiary will allow your assets to bypass probate, which can be a time‑consuming and expensive legal process.

If you have a Registered Pension Plan (RPP), legislation requires that your spouse or common law spouse receive some or all the benefits following your death, unless they have signed a waiver.

What you need to do? 

To review your beneficiary, sign in to your member account. Go to My Profile > View my member information. You can also find it or on your account statement.To update your beneficiary, go to > Forms Beneficiary Form, complete the form and return it to Manulife at the address shown on the form.

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Updated 5.5.20