16. How much will it cost for BDO prepare my tax returns and provide related tax advice?

We can prepare both your U.S. and Canadian tax returns, if you wish. Alternatively, we can prepare your Canadian return only, and you
or your local tax advisor can incorporate the necessary information from your Canadian return when preparing your U.S. return(s).Our fees will vary depending on what returns we are requested to prepare, the level of complexity of those returns, and whether any special tax advice or assistance is required. Ultimately, fees will based on the time spent on your file, and the hourly chargeout rates of the staff involved. The CFLPA has arranged for BDO to provide all CFLPA players a 10% discount from our normal chargeout rates.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your personal tax requirements with us. We can provide a fee estimate based on your specific circumstances.