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We play on different fields but our values are the same.


“There is no greatness without a passion to be great, whether it’s the aspiration of an athlete or an artist, a scientist, a parent, or a businessperson.”1  

As a professional athlete you understand success, you know what it takes to stand out, to be the best. Confidence, grit, discipline, integrity, drive, team work — these values aren’t optional, they’re the very characteristics that define champions.
These same qualities guide Sun Life Financial advisors in their careers. Like you, they push themselves every day to perform at their best for themselves and for clients.

Grit (n; a passion or powerful motivation to achieve your goals)

Canadian football is part of our national fabric. From the big cities of Toronto and Montreal, to the prairies of Saskatchewan and the ranches in Alberta, kids dream of playing professional football. And it takes a special combination of blood, sweat and tears to get there.

We have advisors in over 850 communities across Canada helping Canadians reach for their dreams by helping them plan for their financial future. These advisors strive to help people achieve lifetime financial security. They need a certain amount of grit to hit the road, learn the nuances of clients’ unique needs and help them build a plan, or a roadmap, to reach their financial goals. Sometimes, it isn’t easy. But it’s always rewarding.

Discipline (n; activity, exercise, or regimen to develop a skill)

Training is second nature to you. Whether you’re bench pressing to test strength and muscle endurance, running the 40-yard dash to test speed, or performing the “short shuttle” to test lateral quickness and explosion over short distances, you must push yourself every day to see results.

For advisors the drills are quite different, but they train just as hard. Clients rely on their expertise to help them make the right choices, specific to their situation. Our advisors pursue continuous education and training, are current with government regulations, and well versed in product solutions to understand how they can best serve Canadians.

Commitment (n; the quality of being dedicated to a cause)

Season after season, you battle seven other teams for a shot at the Grey Cup, you are committed to your team, your teammates and your shared success. Being the best isn’t something done lightly or done alone. Victory is forged through the passion and dedication of a team working together towards a shared goal. Everyone in your organization has an important role to play and you need people performing at their highest in every position to be successful.

Advisors also understand commitment and teamwork. They are backed by a variety of knowledgeable people in our offices, as well as by the strength and support of Sun Life Financial, and all these elements come together to do our best for clients. These clients depend on our shared knowledge to make decisions that will help shape their financial future — it’s a responsibility that everyone takes very seriously.

It takes a lot of passion to ensure each and every client gets the service they need, in a plan that fits their lifestyle. But advisors don’t have to go it alone. Just as your team keeps striving for the Grey Cup, they work with dedicated professionals every day as they mould clients’ plans around their lives.

We want you on our team

When you decide that it’s time for your next challenge you’ll take the values that have defined you as an athlete with you into your new career. Becoming a Sun Life Financial advisor gives you the opportunity to put these qualities to work, for yourself and for the people in your community.

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1Tony Robbins — self-help author and motivational speaker