Free-Agency Follow-up with Brad Sinopoli

By Staff Writer – Jason Langvee

Since the opening of CFL free agency there has been a notable surge in clubs acquiring players from all around the league. With many of these acquisitions coming relatively quickly, we wanted to get in touch with a few of the players that made big splashes in the free agent pool this year. In today’s edition, we speak with former Hec Crighton winner, and current Ottawa REDBLACK; Brad Sinopoli.

SinopoliCFLPA: Hi Brad, we appreciate you taking the time to check in with us. Where were you when you found out about your current opportunity with the REDBLACKS?

Brad Sinopoli: “I was in Ottawa training at my gym, Canadian Strength.”

PA: What made you decide to sign with Ottawa?

Brad: “The opportunity to come back to a city I am very familiar with and play close to home was something I felt I couldn’t pass up.  The organization did an incredible job of getting everything in place for football to succeed here in Ottawa and really I just wanted to be a part of the ongoing process.  The fan base here is incredible and it certainly showed every single game so I’m excited to have the opportunity to experience that.”

PA: What goals do you have set for the 2015 season, and what do you expect from your new team?

Brad: “First I want to earn the respect of my new teammates and coaches and second I expect to win. The talent is there on this team it is just a matter of it all coming together and finishing football games.  I’m excited to get to work with these guys and really put the time and effort in with them so we bring a grey cup back to Ottawa.”  

PA: Do you have playing experience with any of your new teammates? Have you spoken to them since signing?

Brad: “I was fortunate enough to play with Henry my first year in Calgary and learn from him as a quarterback.  There are a lot of others guys I know from Calgary as well that got picked up through the expansion draft.  Mo Price; I played with for a couple years including last season as well. There’s a few more that I know from university and playing against them, as well as Johnny Mark who’s a fellow Peterborough boy.”

PA: In a few words, how will 2015 be different from last season?

Brad: “2015 is a new opportunity for all of us.”


Thanks once again to Brad who is undoubtedly very busy preparing for a very big season in Ottawa!

Make sure you check back as we touch base with a few other players making big moves in 2015!

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