Free-Agency Follow-up with Wallace Miles

By Staff Writer – Jason Langvee

Since the opening of CFL free agency there has been a notable surge in clubs acquiring players from all around the league. With many of these acquisitions coming relatively quickly, we wanted to get in touch with a few of the players that made big splashes in the free agent pool this year. Today, we hear about how Wallace Miles heard of his deal with his new squad: The Edmonton Eskimos.


CFLPA: Hello Wallace, thanks for giving us the opportunity to ask a few questions. Where were you when you found out about your current opportunity with the Eskimos?

Wallace Miles: “I was just coming out of the gym, when I got a call from my agent, giving me the heads up that my opportunity had arrived.”

PA: What made you decide to sign with Edmonton?

WM: “Edmonton presents an amazing opportunity for a player of my position and talents. Also, every member of the organization showed me that I was wanted, and that they were representing progression. What more could I ask for between those two.”

PA: What goals do you have set for the 2015 season, and what do you expect from your new team?

WM: “I don’t ever set numerical goals coming into the season. A goal I do have is to improve as a player and professional. Learn from the mistakes I’ve made through my career and help this team be better than it was last year. So in saying that, I expect nothing less than to go further than we went last year for this team.”

PA: Do you have playing experience with any of your new teammates? Have you spoken to them since signing?

WM: “I’ve played with Cauchy Muamba, Paris Jackson, and Akeem Foster. In previous off-seasons I have shared the field with Adarius [Bowman], and Odell [Willis]. I haven’t had the opportunity to speak to anyone but Cauchy, who welcomed me to the squad, and initiated a little game we would play in Winnipeg together.”

PA: In a few words, how will 2015 be different from last season?

WM: “My 2015 motto is ‘Work like this is it. It’s your time.’ Last year I thought I prepared well enough. Now I’ve learned I didn’t because I now know more about the game and more about myself. Perspective can be an advantage in itself.”


As always, we appreciate Wallace making some time to answer a few questions about his off-season moves. We wish Wallace the very best with his new squad in 2015!

Make sure you check back as we touch base with a few other players making big moves in 2015!

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