Letter to the Membership – 2.11.19

Today, the Canadian Football League Players’ Association (CFLPA) sent this letter to our membership.

In it, we asked that CFL players not participate in any events or activities with the CFL office until we conclude bargaining. We’ve done this because the players have voiced a number of concerns related to respect and fair treatment this off-season.

The CFL is withholding signing bonuses for players until a new collective agreement can be reached, yet the players continue to be asked to accommodate CFL-initiated activities during the off-season that support League partners and drive revenue.

We understand that our fans and the community are an important part of playing in the Canadian Football League and players will continue participating in local community-driven appearances and local charitable events.

Our executive team has spent a lot of time gathering feedback from the players and above all else, they want fair treatment. And actions by the CFL have been in contradiction to the request of the membership.

We plan to host CFLPA events during collective bargaining negotiations to show the same support and respect for our communities that they continue to show CFL players – even as we negotiate for fair treatment and respect from the CFL.

Read more from CFLPA Executive Director – Brian Ramsay HERE.


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