CFLPA Announces Partnership with memmo


February 11, 2021

CFLPA announces partnership with memmo to give fans authentic and unprecedented digital access to its members

Toronto – The CFLPA is proud to announce a new partnership with memmo that will give fans authentic and unprecedented digital access to CFLPA members.

A leading personalised video platform that connects celebrities, including athletes, to fans and followers, memmo has teamed up with the CFLPA to help create unforgettable memories for fans of Canadian football. The partnership also helps bridge a gap created by the ongoing global pandemic restrictions that have limited interactions between players and fans for about a year.

The CFLPA becomes the first players’ association in North America to partner with memmo, and only the second players’ association worldwide after the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) in the U.K.

memmo, a Swedish company, is revolutionizing fan experiences globally by allowing customers to purchase personalised videos from celebrities and public figures. Thousands of high-profile celebrities, athletes, influencers, musicians, comedians and others are already featured on the memmo platform.

Through memmo, fans across Canada, and throughout the world, will now have direct digital access to featured CFL players to request personalised videos. Most often, requests are for messages that enhance important life moments such as birthday and holiday greetings, job promotions, child announcements, bachelor/bachelorette parties, pep talks, roasts and so much more.

CFLPA members who register to be featured on memmo will earn income through the platform when users request them to record a short video. Once recorded, the video is made available to the user who can then share it with friends and family to join the excitement.


 “CFLPA members have always been among the most fan-centric, accessible and community-minded athletes in North America. We’ve all missed important chances to connect with one another this past year, and this partnership between the CFLPA and memmo will help nurture bonds shared by players and fans, encourage new fans, and strengthen and grow our game.”

  • Brian Ramsay, CFLPA Executive Director
 “Canada has incredible passion for football and the CFL. As we look forward to the return of the CFL, partnering with the CFLPA aligns perfectly with our mission to provide world class personalised video greetings in Canada. Through this partnership, CFL stars will be able to connect directly with fans across the country, be it to wish someone a happy birthday, or provide a much-needed pep talk.”
  • Gustav Lundberg Toresson, memmo co-founder
 “Canadian football fans are some of the greatest in the world. I’m excited that the CFLPA has partnered with memmo to safely bring players and fans closer together, even while we all stay apart. I can’t wait to get back to playing football and this is a great way to build personal connections with our fans everywhere while also helping to grow the game.”
  • Mike Reilly, All-Star Quarterback, two-time Grey Cup champion (2011 & 2015) and CFL Most Outstanding Player (2017)
 “As players, we already have very close relationships with our fans, not just in Canada but around North America, and memmo lets us keep those connections while making them stronger. I’m thrilled that the CFLPA has continued to work on behalf of all members to bring about these opportunities for both players and fans.”
  • Adam Bighill, All-Star Linebacker and CFLPA player representative, two-time Grey Cup champion (2011 & 2019), and two-time CFL Most Outstanding Defensive Player (2015 & 2018)

About memmo
memmo is a platform that allows fans and businesses to request personalised video greetings from public figures, celebrities, sportspeople, and influencers. Founded in September 2019 by Forbes 30 Under 30 Gustav Lundberg Toresson (CEO) and Tobias Bengtsdahl (COO), memmo is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and employs a team across offices in Stockholm and London. For more information, please visit or contact [email protected]

About the CFLPA
The Canadian Football League Players’ Association (CFLPA) is the union for professional football players in the Canadian Football League (CFL). Since 1965, the Association has worked to establish fair and reasonable working conditions while protecting the rights of all CFL players. In addition to negotiating and enforcing the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), the CFLPA provides a variety of member services, builds corporate and community partnerships and works diligently for the betterment of its membership. Find us online at

For more information:  Jason Langvee, CFLPA Office, [email protected], 1-800-616-6865


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