Player Confidentiality Agreement

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In consideration of being provided with a username and a password by the Canadian Football League Players' Association ("C.F.L.P.A."), or otherwise being provided with permission to access confidential and proprietary information of the C.F.L.P.A. on the C.F.L.P.A’s website, (the “Website”) and/or the C.F.L.P.A's mobile application (the "App") and all information contained therein (the "Content"), including player salary information, information in relation to the negotiation of the Collective Agreement between the C.F.L.P.A., the Member Clubs in the C.F.L. and the C.F.L. (the "CA"), including strategy, positions of the respective parties, draft proposals, proposals and all other information, you ("You" or "Your") agree as follows:

  • You agree that the Website, the App and their Content are the exclusive property of the C.F.L.P.A.;
  • You agree that You will only use the Content in the manner, and for the purposes, described herein;
  • You agree that You will use the Content only for the purposes of negotiating Your own salary or issues relating to the CA;
  • You agree that You will only disclose player salary information to parties directly involved in negotiating Your salary namely Your Registered Contract Advisor who is involved in negotiations on your behalf;
  • You agree that You will not disclose the Content to any parties except for player salary information which may be disclosed to your Registered Contract Advisor who is negotiating your salary;
  • You agree that You will not disclose Your username or password for the Website or the App to anyone;
  • You agree that You will not distribute the Content for any purpose including without limitation compiling an internal database and redistributing or reproducing the Content by the press or media or through any commercial network, cable or satellite system;
  • You shall not permit, allow or do anything that would infringe or otherwise prejudice the proprietary rights of the C.F.L.P.A. or allow any third party to access the Content;
  • You agree that the C.F.L.P.A. will not be responsible for any damages You or any third party may suffer as a result of any use of the Content, any errors in the Content or any changes made to the Content;
  • You agree that You are solely responsible for the retrieval and use of the Content. You further agree that You will apply Your own judgment in making any use of any Content including, without limitation, the use of the information as the basis of any conclusions; You agree that this agreement shall automatically terminate in the event that You retire from the C.F.L. or become employed with the C.F.L. or a Member Club in the C.F.L. in any capacity other then in the capacity as a player.

You further understand and agree that the C.F.L.P.A. shall suffer irreparable harm in the event that You breach any of Your obligations under this Agreement and that monetary damages shall be inadequate to compensate the C.F.L.P.A. for the breach. Accordingly, You agree that in the event of a breach of any provision of this Agreement, the C.F.L.P.A., in addition to and not in limitation of any other rights, remedies or damages available to the C.F.L.P.A. at law or in equity, shall be entitled to an interim injunction, interlocutory injunction, and permanent injunction, in order to prevent or restrain any such breach.