Patrick Kabongo


315 lbs


6' 6"






Jun 27th, 1979

Career Years:






Q: What type of music do you listen to in the locker room? A: I listen to r&b hip hop and gospel. Q: If you were stranded on an island, which teammates would you want with you? and Why? A: I would want to be with Mathieu Bertrand cause he is very resourceful and a very good hunter and fisherman. Q: If Hollywood was to make a movie about you, which actor would play you and which actress would be the leading lady? A: Ice Cube and the leading woman Jada Pinkett. Q: What movie are you most embarrassed to admit you like? A: The Titanic. Q: Which super hero would you like to be? A: Spiderman. Q: What do you eat before a game?  A: I love to eat the chicken burgers. Q: What is one thing that you must have in your refrigerator at all times? A: Bread. Q: Biggest pet peeve? A: Do not tell me to shut up I hate that and it is rude. Q: Any tattoos? How many? A: None. Q: Chad Ochocinqo changed his name a few years back. If you could change your name what would you change it to? A: Would never change my name cause your name represents who you are. Q: Favourite childhood memory? A: Summer in Montreal playing basketball. Q: Favourite football memory? A: Winning the Grey Cup in 2005. Q: Favourite charity? A: Wellspring. Q: What are 3 things that no one knows about you? 1. I love country music. 2. Enjoy going for long drives. 3. Cannot tell the last one:)


Patrick had an outstanding season at guard and was one of 10 Lions players to start all 18 games last year as well as the Western Final. He stretched his consecutive starts streak to 23 and was part of an O-Line that led the club to a late surge in their rushing attack into the playoffs. In 2013, he surpassed the 150 games played mark for his CFL career and has now recorded 130 career starts for Edmonton and BC.   


Patrick played a key role for BC in 2012, suiting up for 15 regular season games as well as the Western Final. With several injuries to offensive linemen, he stepped into the starting lineup six times and helped the club to a league-low 30 sacks allowed.  After serving as the main backup through Week #13, Patrick started the final five regular season games plus the playoff game vs Calgary. Patrick had his personal games-played streak end at 112 when he was placed on the injured list in Week #5. 


Kabongo played 18 games (12 starts) at right guard. He also started the Western Semi-Final and Western Final.


Patrick had 18 starts for the Eskimos at right guard and was named to the 2010 CFLPA All Star Team.


Kabongo has ten starts at right guard.


Kabongo played in all 18 games (18 starts), East Semi-Final and East Final at right guard. He was this year's recipient of the David Boone Award, voted on by his teammates, for his work in the community. He is also the 2008 Eskimo nominee for the CFLPA's Tom Pate Memorial Award which is awarded during Grey Cup week to a player for his commitment to the league, his team and his community. Patrick was named a 2008 West Division All-Star.


Played in all 18 regular season games.


Played in 12 games during the regular season.


Signed as an undrafted free agent in April with the Detroit Lions and attended their training camp. After his release, Kabongo signed with Ottawa and was added to the practice roster. He was then traded to Edmonton in August and came off the practice roster to appear in the final game of the regular season.


Patrick was born in Zaire and moved to Montreal when he was 3-years-old. He speaks French and English. In the off-season Patrick is a member of the Eskimo basketball team


He played for the Nebraska Cornhuskers and finished second among D-linemen with 62 tackles in 2002. Patrick was a two time member of Nebraska’s Brooks Berringer Citizenship Team and in 2003 was awarded the Brooks Berringer Memorial Scholarship. Pat was born in Zaire and moved to Montreal when he was 3-years-old. In the off-season Patrick plays on the Eskimo basketball team and is active in the Stay in School program.