POLL RECAP – Who will make the biggest impact in their 2015 return to play?

In our most recent poll, we asked you “Who will make the biggest impact in their 2015 return to play?”. You fans voiced your opinions loudly and emphatically as over 50% of the votes indicated that Darian Durant’s recovery from an elbow injury last season will result in the most profound effect for his squad.

Who will make the biggest impact in their 2015 return to play?

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In 2013, Durant posted his best overall season as a pro in completing 61% of his passes for a total of: 325 completions, 4,154 yards, 31 touchdowns, and only 12 interceptions thrown. Despite being sidelined in 2014, Durant was still on pace to match (or better) those stats by completing 138 passes for 1,792 yards in just over half the season. In Saskatchewan’s season preview teleconference, Corey Chamblin made it quite clear that although Durant was under close-watch at the team’s mini-camp, all signs are pointing to a full recovery in time for kickoff in 2015. Let’s see if you fans called it!

Surprisingly, the number 2 spot on the poll board was not awarded to a quarterback, but rather the highly dangerous, and ever-elusive Canadian slotback; Andre Durie. Durie had a tough 2014 season as he was sidelined twice due to a broken clavicle. With Andre back in the fold for 2015, and looking to be at 100%, the Argonauts have the potential to re-insert a wrinkle into their offensive playbook. Number 32 is among the best in the league at executing the sweep, which calls for a receiver utilize pre-snap motion in the backfield to ultimately take a hand-off in a perfectly timed maneuver. Scott Milanovich will be quite happy to have Durie handling the payload once more this season.


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