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POLL RECAP – Which starting QB will have the most productive 2015 season?

Last week we asked which of the CFL’s starting QB’s would be most productive in 2015! Well with hundreds of votes coming in, there seems to be a pretty clear consensus on which 2 men have the most to live up to in the eyes of you CFL fans! With nearly 40% of the vote, the majority of you feel Darian Durant will be the most productive pivot in his return from an elbow injury. Another 23% of you feel that the young-gun; Bo Levi Mitchell will re-up his championship season and lead all QB’s in 2015. Let’s compare the numbers of these two elite quarterbacks to see why you voted that way!

Which starting QB will have the most productive 2015 season?

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The comparison between these 2 quarterbacks is slightly more difficult than simply contrasting their statistics. “Why?”, you might ask. In this match-up we have 2 very different styles of quarterbacks, in 2 very different offensive schemes. Durant, the brawny veteran of 10 years tends to find himself in offenses that uses a stout run-game to open up high-efficiency passes. Mitchell, the 2nd-year starter, finds himself in a more balanced offense, where the ball is equally divided between his running back, his short-depth receivers and his end-zone-running wide-outs. However, what we can do is look these two Grey Cup Champions in their respective championship seasons and really take account of their production. In 2013, Durant found himself with a slew of offensive targets. Dressler, Getzlaf, Smith, Bagg, and of course Sheets. To that end, he was able to complete 325 passes at an accuracy rate of 61.2% for 4,154 yards. Darian’s accuracy in 2013 is also illustrated by his touchdowns:interceptions ratio which sat at ~2.6 touchdowns per INT. In 2014, while Durant sat for the second half of the season, Mitchell was able to put together his own highlight reel (in his first year starting, no less). Mitchell completed 264 passes at a completion rate of 63.3% for a total of 3,389 yards. Bo Levi threw for less touchdowns in 2014 relative to Durant the season before, but he also committed less INT’s putting his own touchdown:interception ratio at ~2.75 touchdowns per INT.

Clearly, we are talking about 2 very good quarterbacks. At this point it is near impossible to say which will be more productive in 2015, but I for one cannot wait to find out when the season starts on June 25th. Thanks for voting, and make sure to keep coming back to voice your opinions in our #CFLPApoll‘s!

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