Proud To Announce A Partnership with Payline by ICE

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September 20, 2016

The Canadian Football League Players’ Association is Proud To Announce A Partnership with Payline by ICE

(Stoney Creek, ON) The Canadian Football League Players Association is pleased to announce a new partnership with Payline by ICE, a Canadian-based provider of foreign exchange and international payments. Payline, in acting as the CFLPA’s partner, will offer preferred exchange rates, easy online transactions and greatly reduced fees. No more standing in line at the bank – once you open an account to do transactions, it’s an easier way to exchange funds, while saving you both time and money.

Backed by ICE – International Currency Exchange – a coast-to-coast provider of foreign cash, Payline by ICE will assist members that need foreign cash for vacations at preferred rates and service charges. ICE has locations in most CFL cities, including many of the airports – but CFLPA members won’t be paying airport prices. Along with these preferred advantages, Payline will be providing the CFLPA with consistent updates throughout the year regarding the ever changing foreign currency markets. No one knows where the rates are going with certainty, but they can professionally advise about trends, forecasts and potential risks in the weeks and months ahead.

“This partnership with Payline by ICE is going to be of great help to our entire membership. As our International members continue to transfer funds throughout the course of the year, this relationship will allow them to make choices based upon professional advice while receiving the best rates available. With our National membership, anytime a currency exchange is needed for personal travel or business they are able to receive these same benefits either online or right at the airport kiosks.” Brian Ramsay, Executive Director CFLPA.

“We know that dealing with sending money to the USA is a reality for many of the CFLPA members, and it can be a tough pill to swallow when the Canadian Dollar weakens or you get beat up by fees and charges. This partnership is set up to work with your existing banking relationships but is designed to use our collective buying power as a group to get better rates for everyone.” Paul Rechner, President Payline by ICE.

To sign up for an account today, or if you have questions about the service, contact [email protected] There is no cost to open an account and no cost to maintain an account.

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