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  1. This was easy and painless…. now a registered user 🙂

  2. Is it football season yet, my dvr of last years games is worn out… I need new games to record and watch over and over and over again LOL…

  3. Easy as pie! Mmmm I like pie. I mean, who doesnt? I also like CFL and Upper Deck cards 🙂

  4. Thanks 🙂

  5. Hi cflpa !

  6. Huge fan of the cfl. Big ticats fan and big fan of cfl trading cards. I have put together the entire set of rookies and now working on autos and inserts of all the ticats players. Thanks for the chance at a prize

  7. So easy to sign up 🙂

  8. So easy to sign ul

  9. Done! I love free stuff

  10. Yes! Now if only we could get some CFL gear here in Newfoundland!

  11. That was fun. Love the CFL and free stuff. Go Bombers Go.

  12. Can we just start the season tomorrow please? Now, time to go check out the store…

  13. CFL the BEST game int the world !!!!!

  14. About time we fans have a decent forum :o)

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