RIVALUS Featured Player – Week 14

By Staff Writer – Jason Langvee


RIVALUS has joined the CFLPA to break down; the stats, the plays, and the intangibles of our players to determine the best selection for the RIVALUS Featured Player of the Week. The players of the CFL work tirelessly so that they can be one step quicker, and one rep stronger than the opposition on game-day. With the help of the safe and effective nutritional supplements designed and tested by RIVALUS, they can. Here’s who owned their performance in week 14:

Week 14 scheduled 3 divisional match-ups and 1 east/west affair. With only 5 weeks of competition left before the playoff berths are established, every point became crucial for the 8 teams of the CFL that took the field.

On Friday, Montreal traveled to Ottawa to see if they could extend their recent good fortune. The REDBLACKS struggled to take advantage of field position several times due to a stingy Alouettes’ front seven on defense. This was best exemplified when due to penalty, Henry Burris and the Ottawa offense had 6 consecutive tries to punch in a touchdown from as close as 5-yards (half of those tries from the 1-yard line). On another occasion, Bear Woods forced Burris to fumble, resulting in Aaron Lavarias recovering the ball, only to lateral to Chip Cox who would score 6 on defence. SJ Green also found a good deal of success as he caught balls to the tune of 132 receiving yards over 8 carries. Montreal took the game 15-7.

On Saturday, 2 very important games took place. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers hosted Hamilton as they tried to right their ship. Although Drew Willy looked good in the outing, Hamilton’s 3 phases of football bested the Bombers at home. The telling series of plays came in the second quarter where Ed Gainey rushed rookie-kicker Lirim Haijrallahu and ultimately blocked a punt attempt. Sam Giguere, who was also providing pressure secured the errant kick and placed the Hamilton offence in Winnipeg’s red-zone. From there Hamilton running back Mossis Madu was given an ample lane to the house on the very next play. Hamilton beat the Bombers 16-11.

In week 14’s final game, BC was in Calgary to challenge the league-leaders for a glimpse at what might come in the post-season. What began as a defensive chess match, rapidly became the Jon Cornish show (yet again) as Cornish’s offensive line provided continual opportunity for the Canadian tailback to attack. By game’s end, Jon had amassed another 156 rushing yards, putting him second in the league with only 6 games played. From the Lions, the man responsible for watching Cornish throughout the bulk of the tilt; Solomon Elimimian, also had a busy night. Elimimian closed the game with another 9 tackles putting his 2014 total at 108. Fans should take note that J.C. Sherritt’s all-time record sits at 130 tackles, and Solomon still has 5 games to play.

Although we saw great individual and team performances in the aforementioned games, it was in Edmonton that week 14’s Featured Player took the field. To say a quarterback would rush against the Roughriders for over 100 yards is near impossible. To couple that statistic with a running back that found himself another 192 yards of rushing offence, would never have been predicted. However, second-year tailback John White did exactly that, plus 2 touchdowns. When White was given an inch, he took a mile, and he did so against some of the fiercest defensive players in the CFL. On several occasions, John used his explosive and elusive speed to blow coverages and turn first downs into scoring drives. The Roughriders needed to devote so many of their resources to covering the man that it afforded Mike Reilly 12 opportunities to break coverage and rush for 104 yards himself.

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John White affected every decision Saskatchewan’s defence made on Friday, and in doing so gave his squad the opportunity to thrive. The Eskimos made good on White’s contributions and shut-out Saskatchewan for the first time since 1986.

Congratulations John, your hard work helped your team move one step closer to your ultimate goal.

Make sure to check back to see who earns the selection for week 15’s Featured Player!

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