Rookie, going-on Veteran – Thomas Miles

By Staff Writer – Jason Langvee

The CFL Draft is set to hit the airwaves live on May 12th, at 8PM EST and will no doubt provide some young athletes with platforms to make their respective marks on the Canadian Football League. Having gone through it last season, and now ready to return in 2015, we caught up with Thomas Miles of the Toronto Argonauts to see how his rookie season shaped him into the player he is today.


CFLPA: “Hi Thomas, we just wanted to ask you a few questions surrounding your first experiences as a player in the CFL. Prior to arriving to your first day of camp last season, what did you expect a professional football environment to be like? Did your perceptions change once you were in the fold?”

Thomas Miles: “I expected the professional football environment to be competitive unlike any situation I had ever been in before – and it was, every bit and more. The thing that actually struck me the most was how professional everything was, which sounds silly at the surface – but every detail is taken care of, and not a second is wasted during practices.”

CFLPA: “Transitioning from college to professional football, what main differences do you see in the game?”

TM: “The primary difference I noticed in my first year was that the window for error is now incredibly small – if you step the wrong way or make a late read, chances are you won’t be able to recover – and that’s all it takes for a runningback to gash a defence, or for a receiver to settle into a zone.”

PA: “Are there any moments that stick out from your rookie season last year, good or bad?”

TM: “The moment that stands out the clearest was the opening kickoff of our first preseason game, which was in Winnipeg – playing my first CFL game in my hometown, in front of plenty of family and friends was a remarkable experience.”

PA: “With CFL Draft day coming up, is there anything that you could tell yourself as you prepared to enter the CFL, now that you have a better handle on the grind?”

TM: “I think I’d tell myself from a year ago, that no matter how conditioned you think you are, it’s not enough – rookie camp and the first week or two of training camp are truly vicious on your cardiovascular system!”

PA: “What is your 2015 goal entering your second year in the CFL?”

TM: “My goal for the 2015 season is to make an impact on both defence and special teams – to continue to build upon the progress I made over the course of last year.”


A huge thank you to Thomas for taking the time to answer a few of our questions. Hopefully his experiences can help anybody planning on making a splash in the CFL one day!

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