Hard-Hitting Facts – Roughriders’ SEASON PREVIEW


To kick off the CFL’s annual season preview teleconference series Roughriders’ President and CEO, Craig Reynolds, GM & VP, Football Operations, Brendan Taman & Head Coach, Corey Chamblin were all on hand to answer various questions about the team’s on-goings heading into the 2015 CFL season. Here are the hard-hitting facts that came from that call:

  • There has been a lot of growth at the new stadium.
    • Stadium is on schedule and on budget.
    • The stadium was approximately 27% complete as of a few weeks ago.
    • End of August 2016 is still the anticipated completion date.
  • 5 players were signed as a result of last week’s mini camp. Corey Chamblin believes that 1 or more of new acquisitions have potential to crack the starting roster.
  • When asked about his belief in finding talent in the late rounds of the CFL draft, Brendan Taman eluded to the fact that talent is sometimes completely missed.
    • Case and point: Queen’s University alum; Alex Carroll, who was undrafted in 2014, looked extremely good at last week’s mini-camp.
  • Chamblin believes that the biggest change between 2014 and 2015 will need to be in the team’s mindset. He went on to say “Sometimes you can make change in the individual, and sometimes you need to change the individual.” (Referring to some roster changes and the collective team change in mindset)
  • Regarding May 12th’s Draft: Saskatchewan’s draft board changes on a daily basis, based on any and all information that becomes available.
    • Taman: “We’re going to take the best guys available that can help us now and in the future.”
  • Chamblin is very comfortable with where Darian Durant is in recovery. Coaches were monitoring him throughout the team’s mini-camp, and he appeared ready and excited (both physically, and mentally).
  • The CFL’s new rules regarding contact between defensive backs and receivers have led Corey Chamblin to implement drills aimed at reinforcing good habits.
  • When asked about the national/international ratio, Chamblin indicated that he currently has 3 (or more) ratios set up based on how things shake down in camp next month.


Tomorrow, the Edmonton Eskimos will have their opportunity to answer questions heading into the 2015 CFL season.

Make sure to check back for more Hard-Hitting Facts about your favourite teams!



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