#1PlayAway – Severe Injury

A severe injury can destroy more than just a player’s career.
Every game – every play, CFL players take a gamble with their future.

CFL players need adequate health coverage to rebuild their bodies and lives in the event of a serious injury. But currently, that coverage doesn’t exist.

Without coverage from the workplace compensation system provided in all other Canadian workplaces, CFL players are only entitled to 12 months of rehabilitation starting from the date of an injury.

Deprived of the resources needed to fully recover, players are often left struggling with the aftermath of a severe long-term injury or chronic condition that can affect them and their families for the rest of their lives.

With #1PlayAway CFL players are not focused on day-to-day extended health coverage, but working to improve essential rehabilitation coverage so that all athletes have the resources they need to recover from injuries acquired as a result of their job.
Help us tackle the issue to ensure complete rehabilitation for all athletes. Share #1PlayAway, and follow the campaign online at CFLPA.com!

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