Financial Sun Life Win

Work on your finances together. Avoida battle, and win the war.


Finances can be a difficult topic in relationships. Big ticket purchases like a new vehicle, unexpected expenses like a new roof, or even a vacation where you spent more than you anticipated, can put a strain on your bank account and your relationship.

However, working together as a couple, along with the help of a Sun Life Financial advisor can help keep things peaceful on the financial front! When you plan together, you help reinforce each other’s short-term, intermediate and long-term goals. It puts you both on the same page and helps you build a foundation for a stronger relationship.

How can you get started? 
Here are a few things you can start doing today to get on the right path.

  • Pay yourself first – this is the foundation for good family finances. Discuss emergencies, vacations, retirement, etc. If you can live off 80% of your combined income, consider saving the other 20%. And setting up automatic deposits will help keep your money out of sight and out of mind – you won’t even miss it!
  • Learn how to spend – set a budget. List sources of income, monthly expenses, compare them, and decide on a monthly savings amount you can live with. Also, avoid paying with credit cards – those high interest rates can add up fast!
  • Plan for the unexpected – it’s uncomfortable, but a little planning now will save you and your family from additional stress if the unexpected happens. Talk about life insurance, wills and power of attorney, so each is in place.
  • Long-term goals – make sure you plan ahead for your children’s education, and for your own retirement. Take advantage of compounding interest by making regular contributions to a savings plan.

Even if you’re trying to do all of the above, planning ahead can feel daunting. Questions will come to mind for both of you, and you might not have the answers. But that’s okay! A Sun Life Financial advisor can help you plan every step of the way.

Whether it’s helping you identify expenses to work out a savings strategy, helping you select the right life insurance policy for your specific needs, or building a retirement plan that will suit your lifestyle, a Sun Life Financial advisor can help you reach your goals.
Don’t have an advisor? As a member of the CFLPA, you can find an advisor through the CFLPA-Sun Life Financial partnership.

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