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Perry’s Point of View – Western Players Poised to Break Out

With the 2018 Canadian Football League season ready to kick off, I’ve got a whole lot on my mind, including watching some players who I think might be somewhat underrated; but have the potential to develop into big-time stars. I also asked my Twitter following for some dark horse players to watch this season. I’ve […]

RIVALUS Featured Player - Week 20

RIVALUS Featured Player – Week 20

Welcome to a very special edition of the RIVALUS Featured Player series! Officially, we are now through the 2015 CFL regular season. On top of knowing who exactly will be playing in the post-season this year, we now also have the final statistical numbers for all of your favourite players. In this week’s article, we […]

RIVALUS Featured Player - Week 19

RIVALUS Featured Player – Week 19

By Jason Langvee Another week down, and now we find ourselves another week closer to the 2015 Grey Cup Championship in Winnipeg. Well, some of us anyway. After the final snap on Sunday, this season’s playoff picture has finally become clear. In the West, Edmonton locked up the top-spot, as Calgary will now finish the […]