Thank You Dwayne

We the players, want to say thank you Dwayne Mandrusiak, for everything you have done for the game of three-down football. You have set the example of what it means to be dedicated to your craft, your teammates & peers, and most importantly, your family. Always making sure every piece of equipment was properly adjusted and exactly where it should be, you continually made sure we were safe and ready to play. For that, we will be forever grateful.

The first person to greet our members entering the locker room and more often than not the last person to leave, not a time went by that you did not hold our members best interests in mind.

Your contribution to the game after forty-nine years and more than one thousand games is without equal and exemplifies your commitment and loyalty to the love of our game. You are an iconic figure and have set the bar.  Please accept our heartfelt gratitude and respect for your contribution to the players in the CFL.

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