The CFL Players’ Association Announces Partnership with Genesis Health Light

Genesis Health Light

“The Genesis Pain Relief Light is a great addition to the treatment toolkit of CFL Players and we are excited to have Genesis Health Light as a partner.”

The Genesis Pain Relief Light™ is an effective Health Canada licensed and FDA cleared medical device that alleviates pain and stimulates healing at the cell level by concentrating broad spectrum light through an innovative water based filter.

“CFL Players know that injuries are a part of playing professional football but the pain associated with those injuries doesn’t necessarily have to be.” said Tony Galipeau, CEO of Genesis Health Light. “The Genesis Pain Relief LightTMwill help to speed healing and improve the quality of life for CFL Players by helping to manage and alleviate the pain as they recover from their injuries.”

Today, a number of current and former professional athletes, including CFL Hall of Famer Matt Dunigan, use the Genesis Pain Relief LightTM to alleviate pain from sports injuries.

“I would have given anything to have this phenomenal medical device at my finger-tips while I was playing. It’s easy,
effective and portable so you can get better while at home or away from the facilities.” said Matt Dunigan, “The
Genesis Pain Relief LightTM can help you get back on the field quicker and healthier from week to week. What else
can I say? It’s that simple. “Turn it on & put it on!“

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