The CFL Players’ Association upset with Player Criticism


The CFL Players’ Association considers recent comments made by Edmonton Eskimos General Manager Ed Hervey to be both inappropriate, and contrary to the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The comments came in the wake of Edmonton’s 8th loss of the season on September 2nd , and publicly criticized a specific player.

 “The Collective Bargaining Agreement clearly prohibits Clubs and their employees from publicly criticizing the on field performance of any Player in the CFL.” said Mike Morreale, President of the CFLPA. “The purpose of this provision is to ensure that all CFL Players, as well as all CFL personnel, are dealt with in a manner that is respectfuland professional, and the CFLPA will not tolerate anything less in the treatment of one of its Players.”

The CFL Commissioner’s office has a history of responding quickly to punish Players who make public comments
that could be construed as derogatory in any way.

“Given how quick the League is to respond and punish CFL Players for remarks it deems inappropriate, it istroubling that the CFL has made no public announcement of any action that has been taken in this matter.” Morreale said./p>

“The CFLPA expects the League to announce what disciplinary action has been taken against Mr.Hervey to ensure that this behaviour is not repeated in Edmonton or with any other CFL Club.”/p>

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