The Highlight Reel: CFL Players’ Association Review Issues Critical to Players

The Highlight Reel:

CFL Players’ Association Review Issues Critical to Players

Friday November 24th, 2017

(Ottawa, ON)    “On and off the field, we saw some major developments that will have long term significance to both players and our League,” said Jeff Keeping, President of the Canadian Football League Players’ Association (CFLPA).  Keeping’s comments were part of a wide-ranging review that the CFLPA provided sports media during a briefing session hosted by the Players’ Association.

“At a League level, we saw a significant leadership change as Jeffrey Orridge stepped down as the CFL’s Commissioner in June and was replaced by Randy Ambrosie,” Keeping noted.  “The new Commissioner has a background in football, having played in the CFL for many years.  That experience gave him a perspective on the game and on the issues that players face and led, in part, to our Association being able to advance a key concern of our members: padded practices,” Keeping said.  “The fact that we were able to reach an agreement with the new Commissioner on the elimination of padded practices says a lot about how the League and our Association can work jointly to address player safety issues,” Keeping stressed.

“Our research shows that one-third of serious injuries, including head injuries and concussions, are not game related,” Keeping added.  “By eliminating padded practices, we are able to move the yardsticks on player safety in the right direction,” Keeping said.

“Player safety continues to be a high priority for our members and the CFLPA will be pressing for improvements in the access and support that injured players receive when it comes to rehabilitation,” added Brian Ramsay, Executive Director of the CFLPA.  “Whether it’s better equipment, greater player input into safety protocols on and off the field or stronger support measures when players are injured, the CFLPA believes there are a number of new measures that can be implemented to deal with player safety concerns,” Ramsay noted.

“Throughout the season, we continued to work with the League and with our members to focus on new ways to connect the game we love to play with a strong, enthusiastic and growing fan base across the country,” Keeping added.  “On that score especially, the CFLPA and the League are both headed in the same direction: we want the CFL to thrive and grow.  We owe it to our fans to put our shoulder behind that effort and we’re committed to see that through,” Keeping concluded.


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