We reached out to a few members of the 2014 CFL draft class to see what they would advise the 2015 hopefuls as they prepare for evaluation camp next weekend. Calgary’s second pick of the 2014 CFL Draft explains exactly what the 2015 class should expect this weekend:


“This is a once and a lifetime event, job interview, whatever you want to call it, it’s important.

First, you get a chance face to face with coaches and general managers, in an interview type setting. This is where you compose a “Pitch” about yourself and tell them why you’re the right guy, why they should draft you, why they should invest their money in you. Be yourself, that’s it, they know who’s faking it.

The next day is even better, you get to back up all your talk on the field. You’re there for a reason, not by mistake. You’re not there to make friends, you’re there so one day you can get paid. I’d say have fun, but I only have fun when I win, so just win.” 

– Quinn Smith, Calgary Stampeders, 7th Overall pick in the 2014 CFL Draft

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