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‘To provide CFLPA members and their families with support to succeed in life today, and as they transition away from the Canadian Football field.’





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Health & Wellness

Feel supported and connected with a confidential Employee Assistance Program on an innovative well-being platform.

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Continuing Education

Established in 2016, the CFLPA Academy is a resource provided to ALL ACTIVE CFLPA members aimed at assisting in career development outside of professional football. With more than 200 members having registered with the Academy (historically), OVER 25% of the players in the CFL are now actively preparing for their careers after football.

We host monthly webinars along with ongoing coaching, resume support, interview preparation and even internships, and job placements! Please email [email protected] today to learn more!

Athabasca University provides learning for life. Through the achievements of its students, faculty and staff, AU stands out as a provider of high quality post-secondary education.

Elibigle CFLPA Academy members are entitled to receive FREE COURSE CREDITS as a result of this amazing partnership. If you are interested in learning more about AU’s offerings, check out their full course directory here: Programs and courses


Don’t forget that as a CFLPA Academy member, one of your perks is access to our exclusive tuition benefit with Oregon State University Ecampus, one of the best providers of online education in the U.S. That benefit includes: a tuition waiver on your first class and an ongoing 5% tuition scholarship on more than 90 programs and microcredentials delivered online.

Learn More about the opportunities for CFLPA Members at Oregon State University.

Contact your CFLPA Academy Program Manager with any questions related to this opportunity.

The CFLPA and Saskatchewan Polytechnic have partnered to provide Academy members access to the polytechnic’s School of Continuing Education courses and programs through a tuition benefit program.

Additionally, CFLPA members’ spouses can also be able to access this fantastic resource.
CFLPA Academy members are entitled to FREE COURSES and Career Development with Sask Polytech!
This exciting new partnership will leverage Ontario Tech University’s expansive listing of degree programs, graduate diplomas and certificates to help provide CFLPA members with the knowledge and skill sets to enter new workforces. Specifically, it allows Academy members to pursue post-secondary education in new fields of interest—with a focus on technology and education skills that are in demand in today’s market.


Enriched Academy is a financial education and awareness company that will provide important assistance to CFL players in managing their finances while offering career guidance. Players will benefit by enhancing their overall financial knowledge through informative, entertaining, and engaging learning programs.


Vretta is a global leader in the online learning and assessment space, delivering interactive courses through ministries of education, academic institutions, and corporations around the world. This is a fantastic resource to revisit and enhance your Mathmatical skills!

Training Division is proud to partner with the Canadian Football League Players Association to provide scholarships to their members for our online based Basic Fire Academy.  This program will provide CFLPA members with the NFPA 1001: Firefighter Level I&II and NFPA 472: Hazmat Awareness and Operations certifications needed to apply to fire departments throughout Canada, US, and the World.

SWIFT Learning is widely acknowledged as an industry leader in HSE online learning, delivering programs to millions of users through its leading technological platform.

This partnership aims to ensure that members of the CFLPA are given the opportunity to build on their abilities in order to pursue a career in aviation during/after football.

Mind Switch is a group of passionate people with enough life perspective and skill sets to help you dream, create and live a life that satisfies like nothing else. If you have any questions about your future – this is a great place to start!


Do you think that a career in the Trades might be right for you?

Through our partnership with Canada’s Building Trades Unions (CBTU), in conjunction with SKILLPLAN, all CFLPA Academy Members now have the tools to learn and train for skilled-trades careers in high demand in Canada, and around the world.

If you wanted to see how your Skills Measure Up, or learn about 100’s of Skilled Trades, contact your [email protected]!

Or, if you are pretty confident which trade you want to pursue, learn about apprenticeship opportunities, or even apply for positions – check out CBTU’s Construction Trade hub here:

If you simply want to learn more about this exciting new suite of opportunities, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]!

CFL Alumni Mentors

    • Brett MacNeil – President of the CFL Alumni Association
    • Dave Kirzinger – PRINCIPAL and ACTING CEO of Rise Properties
    • Sean Graham – Director for Satori Integrative Health Centre
    • Rudy Florio – Former Owner/Operator of Liaison College

The CFLPA Academy has also successfully established paid internship programs & job opportunities for Academy members with the following partners:





Please contact us at [email protected] to learn more today!