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‘To provide CFLPA members and their families with support to succeed in life today, and as they transition away from the Canadian Football field.’




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What resources are members using?

Academy Resource

Historical Usage

Athabasca University 98
Academy Online 222
Enriched Academy 107
LifeWorks 400
Training Division 23
1-on-1 Coaching 175



Notes: *2020 figures inclusive*

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Academy Jobs & Careers


Program Description

The purpose of this program is to assemble a list of available employment positions, on both sides of the border, at companies owned by CFL Alumni (or supporters of the CFL) or where CFL Alumni (or supporters of the CFL) are in a position to hire. As you already know, many families of current players are experiencing increasing financial stress due to the cancellation of the 2020 season and their income.

 How does the program work?

 If you have a position that may be a good fit for a current player then all you need to do is send us a job description and contact info. The Academy will then post the position on our Academy job board, and collect and review applications to ensure only applications meeting your stated requirements are forwarded to you. From there all the program asks is any applications you receive from the players get fair consideration. The rest is up to you.

The benefits to your company?

You will potentially have access to over 600 highly competitive and results oriented individuals looking at your posting. Our players have been sought after by companies such as PepsiCo, Manulife Financial, TD Bank and many others because of the skills they bring.

If you are interested in providing an opportunity to a player in these very challenging times, or just have questions about the program, feel free to contact Scott or Jason at [email protected]

Current Listings:




Health & Wellness



Hub International’s LifeWorks platform is a complete and convenient online program for CFL players and their families.

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Continuing Education

Established in 2016, the CFLPA Academy is a resource provided to ALL ACTIVE CFLPA members aimed at assisting in career development outside of professional football. With more than 200 members having registered with the Academy (historically), OVER 25% of the players in the CFL are now actively preparing for their careers after football.

We host monthly webinars along with ongoing coaching, resume support, interview preparation and even internships, and job placements! Please email [email protected] today to learn more!

Athabasca University provides learning for life. Through the achievements of its students, faculty and staff, AU stands out as a provider of high quality post-secondary education.  The partnership with the CFLPA allows active members to enjoy a limited number of free courses along with the opportunity for preferred rates. CFLPA members have started, continued and completed a number of both undergraduate and master degrees over the course of the partnership.

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As part of a larger CFLPA Academy initiative, the CFL Players’ Association has now formed a partnership with Training Division Fire Academy to let members take certification courses (including level one and level two firefighter training) with a tuition reducing scholarship offered to each active member.

The CFLPA Academy and Spectrum Airways Flight Training & Career College have established a partnership geared to combine our collective expertise as we continue to deliver flexible and quality education to any CFL players interested in pursuing careers in aviation.

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Enriched Academy is a financial education and awareness company that will provide important assistance to CFL players in managing their finances while  offering career guidance.

Academy Ambassadors

Moton Hopkins
Chris Randle

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Jamar Wall
Chris Best


CFL Alumni Mentors

    • Brett MacNeil – President of the CFL Alumni Association
    • Dave Kirzinger – PRINCIPAL and ACTING CEO of Rise Properties
    • Sean Graham – Director for Satori Integrative Health Centre
    • Rudy Florio – Former Owner/Operator of Liaison College

The CFLPA Academy has also successfully established paid internship programs & job opportunities for Academy members with the following partners:





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