The joint venture between the league office and the CFL Players’ Association serves as a platform for players to gain a deeper understanding of the business priorities of the CFL and its various departments, while building skills to one day transition away from the field into their chosen career paths.

This initiative also provides the opportunity for league staff, partners, as well as key stakeholders to meet the participants and learn about their experiences on and off the field.




Your CFLPA Academy is very excited to share our new partnership with Shift Group, a free sales training program that empowers athletes to successfully transition into their next professions. Many of us have long seen our sport as our primary identity, making the shift to new careers post-playing a bit uncomfortable and intimidating. That's why we're excited about teaming up with Shift Group, aiming to make this transition more seamless and less stressful. It provides an excellent avenue for retired athletes seeking a career with unlimited earning potential that fulfills our competitive nature.

Shift Group also helps with generally learning the key skills of motivating and influencing others to take action. Key for any job hunt in any profession, and a critical part of almost any role you land! 

So, if you're looking for ways to enhance your sales skills or explore career placement opportunities, this could be an ideal opportunity for you!



Through this partnership, CFLPA members will have access to exploring the opportunities that exist in the over 60 different skilled trades that make up Canada's Building Trades Union (CTBU), including access to SkillPlan’s workforce development programming for the necessary skills to enter the trades. They will also have access to the many local unions and training centres located in communities all across Canada.

“We are proud to partner with Canada’s Building Trades Unions and SkillPlan. These partnerships provide CFLPA members further opportunities to enter career training and participate in workforce development through our growing suite of Academy partners,” said Brian Ramsay, CFLPA Executive Director.