Payline is proud to be the foreign exchange partner to the Canadian Football League Players Association. Their full team recognize the sacrifices that CFLPA members make to pursue their careers in Canadian Football as well as the value that they bring to the communities that they work and play in. It’s easy for Payline to get excited about being on #TeamCFLPA!

They work with CFLPA members that have need to convert their CAD earnings to USD or other currencies, and have them efficiently sent to the USA in support of families and off-season living expenses. With the ability to conduct transactions without setting foot in the bank again, members are able to move money easily from wherever they are by using our convenient online platform or contacting our team.

Make sure that Payline is on your team protecting your blindside and sticking with you as you grind!

Contact your CFLPA player representative, ask around the locker room, email cflpa@paylinefx.ca!