10 July 2024

CFLPA Academy | Career Transitions

The CFLPA Academy is working with former members who have transitioned out of sport and into new careers post-football.

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17 June 2024

CFLPA Academy | 2024 Off-Season

CFL Players' Association members mandated the creation of the player development resource provided for all Active CFL players in 2016. Our team at the CFLPA Academy are ecstatic to announce we have just completed our most comprehensive, and successful off-season of programming ever.

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6 June 2024

CFLPA Academy | Enriched Academy

Enriched Academy is a financial education and awareness company that will provide important assistance to CFLPA Academy members in managing their finances while offering career guidance.

Members will benefit by enhancing their overall financial knowledge through informative, entertaining, and engaging learning programs!

5 June 2024

CFLPA Academy | Athabasca University

Athabasca University provides learning for life. Through the achievements of its students, faculty and staff, AU stands out as a provider of high quality post-secondary education.

Eligible CFLPA Academy members (partners and spouses included) are entitled to receive FREE COURSE CREDITS as a result of this amazing partnership.

4 June 2024

CFLPA Academy | Shift Group

Many of us have long seen our sport as our primary identity, making the shift to new careers post-playing a bit uncomfortable and intimidating. That's why we're excited about teaming up with Shift Group, aiming to make this transition more seamless and less stressful. It provides an excellent avenue for retired athletes seeking a career with unlimited earning potential that fulfills our competitive nature.

Shift Group also helps with generally learning the key skills of motivating and influencing others to take action. Key for any job hunt in any profession, and a critical part of almost any role you land!

So, if you're looking for ways to enhance your sales skills or explore career placement opportunities, this could be an ideal opportunity for you!

4 June 2024

CFLPA Academy | Sport Leadership with Royal Roads University

In this course you'll hone competencies to excel in selfteam, and organizational leadership within a sports context. Dive into real-world sport cases and challenges as your training ground.

Collaborate with your cohort and instructor to pinpoint your leadership strengths and chart a personal development path.

This course is open enrolment and enjoys a diverse learning community of sport leaders from practitioners, to sport administrators, officials, sport journalists, athletes, directors, agents and advisors.

Sincere and ongoing thanks to Dr. Jennifer Walinga, and the full Royal Roads University team for your collaboration, and continued hard work!

10 May 2024

CFLPA Statement 5.10.24

May 10th, 2024 

The CFLPA has filed an appeal to the CFL to obtain the full records and report of the CFL's investigation, as our previous requests have been denied. Accountability and transparency are critical in these matters, and we have real concerns about the process and consistency applied during the CFL investigation.

We value safe working environments for women working in football; the CFLPA takes allegations of gender-based violence very seriously. We will pursue these concerns further with the League office and will have no further comment at this time.

30 April 2024

CFLPA Announces New Alliance with Private Housing Network 

MISSISSAUGA, ON - The Canadian Football League Players’ Association (CFLPA) announced today a new partnership with the Private Housing Network. The Private Housing Network is a coalition of over 1,000 professional real estate agents catering to 330 regions throughout North America. In addition to being available to facilitate all CFLPA members in acquisitions and sales of properties, the Private Housing Network will also help educate CFLPA members about all things real estate. 

As part of this partnership, the Private Housing Network will extend its support to members through real estate educational initiatives and mentorship programs. Their assistance will include various real estate areas, such as home or apartment procurement or leasing, divestment of primary and secondary residences, and residential, commercial, or land investment opportunities. 

“Our members can be in a unique position when faced with finding housing solutions across the country during their playing careers,” said CFLPA Executive Director Brian Ramsay.. “Working with The Private Housing Network and KW Sports & Entertainment allows CFLPA members assistance when facing these types of challenges, letting them focus on their time to their work on the field.”  

“Through this strategic alliance with The Private Housing Network and KW Sports+Entertainment Division, CFLPA members will gain access to a wealth of tailored real estate solutions, educational programs, and personalized support to navigate the complexities of the real estate landscape with confidence and clarity,” said Brittney Ezell, Director of the Private Housing network. “We commend the CFLPA for its forward-thinking approach in prioritizing the long-term success and prosperity of its members. Together, we are poised to revolutionize the way CFLPA members engage with real estate, empowering them to make informed decisions and seize opportunities for financial growth and stability”. 

About the CFLPA: The Canadian Football League Players’ Association (CFLPA) is the union for professional football players in the Canadian Football League (CFL). Since 1965, the Association has worked to establish fair and reasonable working conditions while protecting the rights of all CFL players. In addition to negotiating and enforcing the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), the CFLPA provides a variety of member services, builds corporate and community partnerships, and works diligently for the betterment of its membership. For the latest news regarding the CFLPA, please visit www.cflpa.com or follow us on social media @CFLPA.  



CFLPA Media Contact:   
Brendan Heisler, CFLPA Office | b.heisler@cflpa.com | 1-800-616-6865  

18 April 2024

CFLPA Officially Joins Canadian Labour Congress

Touchdown! CFLPA joins Canadian Labour Congress

OTTAWA – The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) celebrates today’s affiliation of the Canadian Football League Players’ Association (CFLPA). The CFLPA is joining 49 national and international unions already affiliated with the CLC, representing over three million workers.

"This is a huge win and we’re thrilled to welcome the CFLPA to our team,” said Bea Bruske, President of the CLC. "This shows how the labour movement in Canada is constantly growing and diversifying, and our collective future is brighter with the addition of the CFLPA. There are over three million CLC affiliated workers who now stand in support of the CFLPA in their ongoing fight for respect, fair treatment, and equity for CFL players".

The Canadian Labour Congress is the largest labour organization in Canada. The CFLPA applied to join the CLC and today was voted in as an affiliate by its delegates, and per the organization’s constitution. The CFLPA and its approximately 650 members who work and support communities across Canada, will join a powerful group of unions actively working together to improve working conditions and support workers’ rights everywhere.

“The CFLPA has a proud and successful 59-year history ofadvocating for fair and safeworking conditions for our members and using our influence to helpimprove the lives of all workers across Canada,” said Brian Ramsay, Executive Director of the CFLPA. “We’re very excited to formally affiliate to the CLC and bring our perspectiveand experience to the broader labour movement in Canada”.

"We are excited and proud to join the CLC team and the three million affiliated workers in Canada and internationally,” said Solomon Elimimian, CFLPA President. “Just like on the playing field, there is strength in numbers and this alignment makes us all stronger in our ongoing work toward ensuring fair and respectful working conditions”.

The CFLPA is the union for professional football players in the Canadian Football League (CFL). Since 1965, the Association has worked to establish fair and reasonable working conditions while protecting the rights of all CFL players. In addition to negotiating and enforcing the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), the CFLPA provides a variety of member services, builds corporate and community partnerships, and works diligently for the betterment of its membership. The CLC represents over three million workers in virtually all sectors, industries, occupations, and regions of the country, and over half a million retirees.


Media Inquiries:

CFLPA Media Contact: 
Brendan Heisler, CFLPA Office | b.heisler@cflpa.com | 1-800-616-6865 

CLC Media Contact: 
Chantal St-Denis, CLC Communications| cstdenis@clcctc.ca | 613-355-1962

27 March 2024

Media Release – Training Division Scholarships


CFLPA Academy Announces Eight Recipients of 2024 Training Division Firefighting Scholarship 

Mississauga, ON – As the Canadian Football League Players’ Association (CFLPA) Academy continues to strive to bridge the gap between football and life beyond the field, eight CFLPA members have been awarded full scholarships through Training Division to complete their Firefighter certification training. These scholarships mark a significant stride in the Academy’s goals of empowering members to seek the resources available to them regarding life after football. Beyond these essay-based scholarships valued at over $7,000.00 USD each, Training Division also provides any interested CFLPA Academy member, and their family and immediate entry-scholarship valued at $1,000.00 USD. 

Since forming a partnership in 2016, the CFLPA Academy and Training Division have been providing opportunities to CFLPA members to pursue a career in Firefighting.  

Training Division is an emergency services training company that was developed by firefighters forfirefighters, fire recruits, and Emergency Medical Service personnel. With the demanding schedules that professional athletes face,Training Division understands the difficulty of trying to obtain new skills that transcend football. A group of firefighters with many years of fire education experience have developed these programs with those problems in mind. 

The eight CFLPA Academy members receiving this year’s Training Division scholarship are as follows: 

  • Noah Curtis 
  • Avery Ellis 
  • Dylan Giffen 
  • Brendan Gillanders 
  • Maleki Harris 
  • Brayden Lenius 
  • Mercy Maston 
  • Dominique Rhymes 

 “Since partnering with Training Division, our Academy has seen more than thirty current and former CFLPA members complete certifications to become firefighters” said Brian Ramsay, CFLPA Executive Director. He continued, “Many of those individuals are now serving their communities on the frontlines in Canada and around North America and planned for their transition either during or shortly after their football careers. We applaud this 2024 class of deserving members preparing to join their former teammates and peers in service once their playing careers are behind them.”  

The recipients of these scholarships embody the dedication and resilience that characterize CFLPA members and future Firefighters. Here are five insightful quotes from the recipients: 

  1. Dylan Giffen (Offensive Line, Toronto Argonauts): 

 “I’m extremely grateful to the CFLPA and Training Division for this scholarship.  Becoming a firefighter has always been a goal of mine and this scholarship will help bring me one step closer to that goal!” 

  1. Avery Ellis (Defensive Line, Montreal Alouettes) 

“Receiving the 2024 Training Division Scholarship is not just an honour; it represents a pivotal step toward fulfilling my aspiration to serve and protect our community as a firefighter. This scholarship is not just a financial boon, it’s a lifeline, enabling me to pursue a profession dedicated to service and heroism while upholding the profound responsibility of caring for my family.”  

  1. Dominique Rhymes (Wide Receiver, Ottawa Redblacks) 

“I’m honoured to receive the scholarship to the Training Division. I’m super excited to be given this opportunity which will help me pursue my passion to become a firefighter after my football career.” 

  1. Noah Curtis (Defensive Line, Edmonton Elks) 

“I am grateful and proud to be a member of the Canadian Football League and the goals it has allowed me to accomplish; playing professional football, and having the opportunity to become a firefighter and serve my community. Firefighting is similar to playing football because it creates a sense of brotherhood and family that is unique to the profession.” 

  1. Brayden Lenius (Wide Receiver, Saskatchewan Roughriders) 

“I am incredibly honored and grateful to receive this scholarship from Training Division. This opportunity not only fuels my passion for firefighting but also reaffirms my commitment to serving and protecting my community. I am eager to participate in the training program and make the most of this experience.” 

6. Brendan Gillanders (Running Back, Ottawa Redblacks)

"I would just like to thank the PA and Training Division for the ongoing partnership and for providing this opportunity. I am very excited to take advantage of the scholarship and gain the certifications, knowledge, and practical experience working towards a rewarding career and serving the community as a firefighter."

The CFLPA Academy is excited to provide these 8 members with an amazing opportunity to pursue a career in Firefighting. 

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About the CFLPA Academy: The CFLPA Academy provides support to CFLPA members and their families, offering education, wellness, and employment resources. ​The Academy offers access to various educational resources, including undergraduate and graduate degrees, microcredentials, tailored offerings, and applied streams such as diplomas, degrees, and certificates. ​ The Academy also provides certifications in areas like fire fighting and first response and sales training. ​The Academy has also partnered with external organizations to provide additional support and opportunities for CFLPA members. ​ The academy's services are available to CFLPA members, partners/spouses, and family members as well as recently retired members as they transition away from their playing careers. 

CFLPA Media Contact:   

Brendan Heisler, CFLPA Office | b.heisler@cflpa.com | 1-800-616-6865