CFL Players' Association members mandated the creation of the player development resource provided for all Active CFL players in 2016. Our team at the CFLPA Academy are ecstatic to announce we have just completed our most comprehensive, and successful off-season of programming ever.

Our Academy is now privileged to serve more than 1,600 active and recently retired members, along with their partners/spouses and families.

As we continue to learn and grow with our brothers and sisters across sport, we are excited to share our recent stories of successcollaboration and growth to continue earning, and fostering the trust of our members, our partners, and for all that love and support the great players of the CFL.

Should you wish to learn more about any of our ongoing and upcoming offerings, Academy Program Managers Scott and Jason are always available for media or partner enquires.


Inaugural Multi-Sport Players’ Association Virtual Career Summit

The Canadian Football League Players' Association (CFLPA) was proud to participate in the inaugural Multi-Sport Players Association Virtual Career Summit. Along with the ten other professional sports unions that joined, we would like to extend our gratitude and give a big thanks to the National Basketball Players' Association (NBPA) for organizing this exceptional event.

The inaugural summit connected over 60 professional athletes from various leagues and Players' Associations, to promote conversation and collaboration regarding post sport career development. Discussions centered around different pathways to achieve success and fulfillment in life after playing professionally.

2024 CFL Mentorship

As part of the Canadian Football League’s third annual Mentorship Program in partnership with the CFLPA Academy, seven players joined the league office for a unique opportunity to deepen their understanding of the business behind professional football.

The CFLPA would like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to the seven members who completed this year's mentorship program:

Aaron Grymes
Chris Kolankowski
Emmanuel Falola
Osaro Eromosele
Jake Thomas
Richie Leone
Scott Hutter

Hub International Employment Opportunities

Our Academy is thrilled to have teamed up with Hub International to support players, spouses and network in discovering opportunities within the insurance industry. 

Since announcing this partnership early in 2024, six (6) Academy members have already been placed in positions with Hub across Canada!

2024 Training Division Scholarships

As the Canadian Football League Players’ Association (CFLPA) Academy continues to strive to bridge the gap between football and life beyond the field, eight CFLPA members have been awarded full scholarships through Training Division to complete their Firefighter certification training. These scholarships mark a significant stride in the Academy’s goals of empowering members to seek the resources available to them regarding life after football.

The eight CFLPA Academy members receiving this year’s Training Division scholarship are as follows:

Noah Curtis
Avery Ellis
Dylan Giffen
Brendan Gillanders
Maleki Harris
Brayden Lenius
Mercy Maston

Dominique Rhymes

Shift Group

Many of us have long seen our sport as our primary identity, making the shift to new careers post-playing a bit uncomfortable and intimidating.

That's why we're excited about teaming up with Shift Group, aiming to make this transition more seamless and less stressful. It provides an excellent avenue for retired athletes seeking a career with unlimited earning potential that fulfills our competitive nature.

Shift Group also helps with generally learning the key skills of motivating and influencing others to act. Key for any job hunt in any profession, and a critical part of almost any role you land!

The Private Housing Network is a coalition of over 1,000 professional real estate agents catering to 330 regions throughout North America. In addition to being available to facilitate all CFLPA members in acquisitions and sales of properties, the Private Housing Network will also help educate CFLPA members about all thing’s real estate.

Private Housing Network will extend its support to members through real estate educational initiatives and mentorship programs. Their assistance will include various real estate areas, such as home or apartment procurement or leasing, divestment of primary and secondary residences, and residential, commercial, or land investment opportunities.

Royal Roads University | Sport Leadership

In this course members and athletes hone competencies to excel in self, team, and organizational leadership within a sports context. They will dive into real-world sport cases and challenges as your training ground. Athletes will be tasked with collaborating with their cohort and instructor to pinpoint leadership strengths and chart personal development paths.

The 2024 Royal Roads University Sport Leadership Cohort included 5 CFLPA Academy members alongside 4 members from Canadian Olympic Bobsleigh, Rowing & Goalball, as well as a member from G-League Basketball.

CFLPA Academy Members:

Bradley Cowan
Shaquelle Evans
Evan Johnson
Jarek Richards

Enriched Academy Financial Literacy

Our Academy’s official financial literacy partner Enriched Academy prioritizes our members’ time and strives to empower their financial growth. We are thrilled to announce that all CFLPA members were provided access to several powerful training sessions designed to empower their and their families’ financial freedom.

Dragon’s Den Investor, and Boston Pizza founder Jim Treliving has vetted and endorsed these programs and says, “it’s the best deal I ever made on the show!” In these meetings, we aim not only to educate you on the money-saving techniques but also to actively involve you in utilizing tools available in our portal. It’s a hands-on learning experience, where you’ll be applying knowledge while actively managing your finances.

The series included sessions dealing with:

Upgrade Your Wealth with Enriched Academy

Why do I need a Budget? How do I Save?

Crushing Your Debt and Understanding Credit

Show Me the Money! Tracking Your Net Worth

Investing 101

If you might be interested in learning more, please contact Scott and Jason: