We are #TeamCFLPA

Over the past several years the CFLPA has worked diligently to consider all of the perspectives, concerns, desires and goals that our members have shared to make the CFL a stronger League. Together, we are stronger. Together, we are better. Together, we are #TeamCFLPA!

We will continue to share the voices of our fantastic player representatives during the coming weeks!

The CFL Players’ Association is looking to become true partners with the CFL. All we are asking for is Respect and Fair Treatment in that partnership.

From Stephen:

Heading into my 6th season with #TeamCFLPA, I have had the opportunity to listen, learn and understand the needs of my teammates across the CFL. Our voices matter, and it’s time that we were heard!

#TeamCFLPA player representative Trevor Harris is heading into his 8th season in the CFL. Trevor plays quarterback for the Edmonton Eskimos, and he wants you to know what the CFLPA and this League mean to him.

Charleston has accomplished a lot during his time in the CFL. Now it is our time as players to be heard by the League.

Now, it’s time that the CFLPA is part of our game’s growth.

From Solomon:

It’s time that the CFLPA is part of our game’s growth.

Thank you to #TeamCFLPA player representative John Bowman (and perennial CFL/CFLPA All-Star) for taking the time to talk about the players’ perspectives.

As Bear Woods heads into his 9th year in the CFL, he wants to make sure that #TeamCFLPA is heard and respected.

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